21 May 2007

80s Party

There was an 80s dance at the Jitterbugs on Friday night. A good time was had by many, meaning of course, those who showed up.
The only picture of me that showed up from the 80s party, it was on my camera. This is how I dressed in the mid-80s, dual colorful polos with the collars straight up in the air, spiked hair, and 80s style pants (although they would have been more pastel). Mae was totally gnarley.

100_3149 - cliffo
Spanky & KPikop give the lesson in, um, 80s east coast swing.

IMG_1857.jpg - cornstalker
Cornstalker & Viv try to make JennyJitterbug look tall ... wait, JennyJitterbug is tall.

100_3175 - cliffo
Your 80s contest participants!

IMG_1861.jpg - cornstalker
And your winner, Viv, who won a very strange prize, a spam coin bank!

Much thanks to both Cliffo, you can see all 20 photos in his set here, and Cornstalker, you can see all 12 photos in his set here for allowing me to borrow pictures with more or less implied permission.

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