06 May 2007

Where did I put that ark?

We got a little rain here, oh, about 4.5 inches in the last 24 hours, and the majority of that, 3.6 inches in around 4 hours last night between 2300 and 0300. Those of you that have seen my house that flooding isn't really an issue where I live, until yesterday ... no damage, but it was a little concerning at the least.
This is at the top of my driveway, the little lip there as high as the curb, and is meant to keep water from running down the driveway, it is the first time I have seen it overtopped.

No, it's not a cement retaining wall, it's my driveway.

You can see the sheets of water as it goes flowing by the house, swimming anyone?

And it all ends up flowing through the backyard. That's not going to make the person who just planted flowers against the deck very happy ... oh, that's ME!

Another two plus inches of rain are in the forecast today!

Edit: I went down to near where the Papio dumps into the Missouri River (about 3 miles south of my house) and took some pictures around 1130 the morning after all the rain.

IM003571.JPG IM003572.JPG
This is not a river and this is not a lake, both are usually dry.

IM003573.JPG IM003574.JPG
Looking west (upriver) and looking east (about 1/2 mile from the muddy Mo). These are not necessarily meant as artistic, my stupid camera messed up the color on both of these, and they came out nicely in black and white.

Normally you can see the footings for the bridge without all the water here. People go biking and walking all the time on this trail, but not without scuba gear today.

The next bridge upstream has the Papio Creek measuring station (FCKN1), it would be normal for the creek height to be 10 to 12 feet ... at the times these photos were taken it was measuring 31.75 feet.

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Matt J. said...

That was quite an interesting drive home on Saturday. I was almost floating down a flooded street in Bellevue.