29 May 2007

A public thank you, a Thursday to do, and a service opportunity for me

EDIT: a change in the performer lineup!
Justsmilechild works at Liberty Elementary School in Omaha. This is good work in a tough neighborhood, 20th & St Mary's. It is a public school, and some public schools are created more equal than others, and this one would not be one of them. I want to say a public thanks to her for being brave enough to follow through on what you believe in and teaching there when you could have just as easily gone and taught somewhere else.

And on a related note, there will be a benefit for Liberty Elementary on Thursday at Mick's in Benson, information below, justsmilechild says "Come help support our students!"
Liberty Benefit Show
Thursday, May 31, 2007
9 pm @ Mick's, 60th and Maple
Featuring Dylan May, Bill Hoover, and Liz Matson & justsmilechild
$5 cover, 80% of proceeds go to Liberty Elementary
And on another related note, I was driving home from downtown today and was on St. Mary's. I knew that justsmilechild was working, and there were no kids there, so I decided on a lark to stop in and say 'hi!' I immediately got put to work by her and Liz (who she teaches for) cleaning up the classroom for the summer. Yeah! Service opportunity for a tall guy! I helped out for about an hour or so pulling down and putting away high up and heavy things ... well I hope I was helpful and not intruding.


micah said...

definitely helpful and definitely appreciated! thanks again!

Schizophrenic Elf said...

*big hearts for Onions*
You're pretty much amazing. :)