19 May 2007

Still alive

Yes folks, I am still amongst the living. I've not really been that busy, just you know, busy ... but not that kind of busy.

The ankle is doing really well, the backyard is getting all cleaned up, the weather is beautiful, and I got out of seeing a movie! So without further ado, let's check out a few scenes from the week.

Even when I took this picture I knew the colors wouldn't come out. This is from the aviary at the zoo. Many of the birds are in breeding colors and it is amazing. I had agreed to go see Spiderman 3, but the weather was so beautiful, there was just no keeping us inside.

back yard
Have I ever mentioned how much I love the yard at my house, it gets prettier every year. The tree in the middle of the picture was just a ten foot high bush when I bought the house, nice shape now.

I think we all remember the controversy from the last picture I took of my odometer. This time, you'll notice the speedometer is at zero! Happy 40,000 to the OnionMobile.

oh look a chicken
Of course the most exciting news of all is ... Oh! Look a chicken! ... What was I saying?


Anonymous said...

Glad you doing well...the ankle thing is not much fun I'm sure.

See ya...KB

Janna said...

Glad to see you're still alive. :)
Welcome back to the blogosphere!

Of course I fondly remember the first odometer post, because it was the very first time I ever visited your blog! :) The very first onionpost I ever saw! Awww! How time flies!

Glad your ankle is doing better. My own leg has taken a long time to heal. It's been almost a month since the initial injury, and it's still not healed all the way.

I have a contest over at my blog, I'd love for you to enter it! Y'never know! :)

Schizophrenic Elf said...


You. Not us.

However, we're uber-excited because we've finished our first year of college. We're no longer Freshman elveses. No, no, my preciousss. Not Freshmen at all...