25 May 2007

OnionBoy Knowledge, the Answers

And now for the moment a half dozen people have been waiting for: the winner is Viv, who will NOT get a fabulous prize (inside joke) from me, but will get dinner on me at the restaurant of her choice. I will announce all the scores to a comment on this post (the scores are not with me right now). I was disappointed by the lack of participation *sigh*, so phooey on you if you didn't take a stab at it.

Here are the answers to the OnionBoy quiz:

Easy (1pt):
1a. My favorite drink is Diet Pepsi.
TRUE, if there was a 12 program for this drink, I'd be in it.
1b. I love to see movies.
FALSE, the count is at seven this decade and holding.
1c. My favorite condiment is ketchup.
FALSE, gross, grosser, grossest.
1d. I think dancing is for losers.
FALSE, dancing is sweet.
1e. I hate doing laundry.
FALSE, laundry is my favoritest chore ever.
1f: I'd rather be MAKING OUT. this is from the Omaha Jitterbugs, but it's got to be the right girl.

Not as easy (2pts):
2a. One of my regular readers was my first girlfriend.
TRUE, You Get A Life was my first girlfriend, the relationship ended when she attacked me with a comb while wearing a bikini ... my brain was too confused.
2b. I was born in Chicago.
FALSE, I just lived there for a large portion of my life. I was born in Toledo, Ohio.
2c. I think rats are cool pets.
TRUE, I had two fancy rats, Mandy and Sis. I miss them bunches.
2d. The spicier the food, the better.
FALSE, some like it hot, some just are hot.
2e. My roommate won't tell people his real name.
TRUE, I'm unsure what his real name is ... let's just call him Schmendrick.
2f: The onion fascination comes from a Native American word for CHICAGO.

Getting tougher (3pts):
3a. I have been to every continent except Antartica.
FALSE, however, I was on four continents in a 24 hour period once. (North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia)
3b. My mother is 5'3".
FALSE, try 5'10 1/2".
3c. I have been to New York City.
FALSE, what is there I can't get in Chicago?
3d. My current car is my fifth Saturn.
FALSE, my current car is my FOURTH Saturn.
3e. Prime rib (medium rare) is one of my favorites.
FALSE, I don't each much beef at all.
3f. BABY therapy is a great way to cheer up. No one got this right, I know you have heard me espouse the joys of holding a baby or small child ... and then giving them back.

Hard (4pts):
4a. I lived on the 13th floor of building.
TRUE, Presidential Towers just west of the river in Chicago, apt 1305, $605 / 485 sq ft.
4b. I named a cat after a Charles Bronson movie character.
FALSE, okay, kind of a trick question, Laramie was named after a Jill Ireland character in a Charles Bronson movie.
4c. My 2nd birthday was spent in a body cast.
TRUE, at 20 months I broke my left femur.
4d. I met my ex-wife when I tripped over her at a concert.
FALSE and way worse. Laura was on a date with another guy, and left him to go to a party with me.
4e. I have two cousins named Fritz.
4f: My dog is named after Cherokee Parks. For those of you who are not sports fans, this was Laura's favorite basketball player when we found him.

Seriously (5pts):
5a. I broke my cheekbone while playing softball.
FALSE, it was football.
5b. I have a speech impediment.
TRUE, I'm just very efficient at covering it.
5c. I am 1/8 Native American.
FALSE, only 1/32.
5d. I played 'The Artful Dodger' in Oliver in high school.
FALSE, I was in Oliver in high school, I just didn't have a part.
5e. The first concert I ever saw was Journey.
TRUE, Greg Kihn opened, nanana nana na na naaaa.
5f. On my fifth birthday I watched men walk on the moon! - for the first time


Becky said...

whew, glad the suspense is over! just kidding. well, i learned a few new things about you, anyway.

Viv said...

HOLY WOW!!! I WON!! Great Quiz! It was fun learning some more stuff about you.

onionboy said...

okay, here are the final scores!

62 pts - viv
50 pts - gingerkid
48 pts - venche
38 pts - slightly mordant
37 pts - justsmilechild
23 pts - alpacaboy *
16 pts - cornstalker

47 pts - mae also played, but didn't make the cut off time.

* alpacaboy got 22 pts, but i gave him a bonus point for making me laugh out loud with 2f "The onion fascination comes from a Native American word for Alpacas."

Schizophrenic Elf said...


I'd have participated, but with the answers I had in my head, my score would have been about five. >_<

As it is, I didn't bother to make a fool of myself this time and just waited for you to post the answers, which I knew were inevitable. *blows raspberries* So there.

(btw- did you know that if you put "blows raspberries" in html brackets, it's not recognized and you're not allowed to post a comment? Cuz you can't.)

micah said...

i guess i need to find a new lucky quarter. :)

Matt J. said...

My score's low because I only guessed on the questions to which I was pretty darn sure of the answers. Next time I'll flip a coin on the rest of the true/false questions.

And congrats on your victory, Viv! Now make him take you somewhere really expensive.

onionboy said...

we had another late participant, i guess i should have had a longer lead time.

yougetalife 33pts

good thing she got the answer to 2a correct.

oh, and looky here elf, you got NO excuse for not participating.

Michael said...

I did better than I expected.