22 May 2007

OnionBoy Knowledge

Current top score: 62!
2nd place: 50 - 3rd place: 48
as of 1116ct 5/24

Time to test your knowledge of the old OnionBoy. Inspired by a similar quiz on the Jannaverse, (which, by the way, I won)I have prepared a list of statements below, you must decide which are true, which are not, and which require fill in the blank answers. The contest will run through 0200 Saturday, May 26, all answers must be received by then via email at e7onions23@yahoo.com, my usual home email address, or just post it if you think no one will cheat off of your answers. The winner will receive an appropriate prize, OnionBlog acclaim, and be able to be the absolute envy of the entire universe.

Questions a-e are true/false, and f. is fill-in-the-blank. 90pts possible. Revised answers are allowed and encouraged. Your last entry will be the counted one.

Easy (1pt):
1a. My favorite drink is Diet Pepsi.
1b. I love to see movies.
1c. My favorite condiment is ketchup.
1d. I think dancing is for losers.
1e. I hate doing laundry.
1f: I'd rather be ______ _____.

Not as easy (2pts):
2a. One of my regular readers was my first girlfriend.
2b. I was born in Chicago.
2c. I think rats are cool pets.
2d. The spicier the food, the better.
2e. My roommate won't tell people his real name.
2f: The onion fascination comes from a Native American word for _______.

Getting tougher (3pts):
3a. I have been to every continent except Antartica.
3b. My mother is 5'3".
3c. I have been to New York City.
3d. My current car is my fifth Saturn.
3e. Prime rib (medium rare) is one of my favorites.
3f. ______ therapy is a great way to cheer up.

Hard (4pts):
4a. I lived on the 13th floor of building.
4b. I named a cat after a Charles Bronson movie character.
4c. My 2nd birthday was spent in a body cast.
4d. I met my ex-wife when I tripped over her at a concert.
4e. I have two cousins named Fritz.
4f: My dog is named after _____ _____.

Seriously (5pts):
5a. I broke my cheekbone while playing softball.
5b. I have a speech impediment.
5c. I am 1/8 Native American.
5d. I played 'The Artful Dodger' in Oliver in high school.
5e. The first concert I ever saw was Journey.
5f. On my fifth birthday I watched _____ _____ _____ _____ _____.

Good luck!


Venche said...

Back on the grammar issue...."off of"? :)

Janna said...

Wow! Cool!
I'm afraid to enter, but I might anyway! :)

Michael said...

I entered, see how well I don't know ya.