01 May 2007

Time for a BeckyRant...

I don't know why this bothers me SO much, but seriously, just get this right:
viv & bird - matt
The male bird standing next to Viv is a member of the species Pavo cristatus, Indian Peafowl, more commonly known just as Peafowl.

The males of this species are Peacocks, the females are Peahens, and I guess technically, babies would be Peachicks. If you have ever found yourself referring to any members of this species as male peacocks, you are being redundant at best. If you have ever referred to any of these creatures as female peacocks, I can only suggest a sex education class for you, because you just are not getting this whole female/male thing.


Matt J. said...

Now we can all recognize your knowledge of pea-ness.

Sarah said...

Other random peafowl notes (actually, just peacocks):

- They like looking at their own reflection in glass doors
- They also like to crap a lot while looking at their own reflection
- They really don't understand that they have to get out of the way of golf carts and cars, or they'll end up dead

In other words, they're a terror to people working at the north gate of the zoo.

Janna said...

Y'know, I really DID know this, but had forgotten it until I read your reminder.
Thank you for the ornithological tip.
I will write it on an index card and keep it in my bra at all times. :)