24 June 2007

Deleted Post

I had a big long post here continuing the discussion about the "leadership" post.

Some of the items that were in the post may have been based on erroneous information, it kind of ruined the flow of it. So I deleted it.

I'm tired of the whole discussion, and as am I tired of the Jitterbugs organization in general, which used to be fun and friendly, and now is not. This customer of Omaha Jitterbugs, is very dissatisfied, and frankly can't understand why anyone would want to argue with the customer. The point remains, attendance is declining, and I feel at the center of the issue is a leadership problem. Maybe you don't like the way I said it, but all the arguing with me that anyone can do won't solve anything.

If I made a post about why I haven't shopped at Bakers for eight years, there would be some that would want to argue about it. All your arguments about why I should, why I am being silly, or any other argument won't make me shop at Bakers.

When I said in my original post "...go ahead and argue with me all you want..." I was wrong, don't argue with me all you want. If you want to discuss anything face to face, I'll be happy to share my thoughts and listen to yours.


Mae said...

I hope this is the last post about Jitterbugs. I for one feel that talking in the open is best. Posting on the internet just seems to be getting people fueled up over the wrong things.
On a positive note. Attendance was up at JNO this last Friday.
From the pics that Cliff took, looks like LITP had a bit of a boost too. :0)

Anonymous said...

get a life, freak!!!

Matt J. said...

Life as in anonymously posting "neener neener neener" comments on other people's blogs? Anyway, you've got the wrong blog.

Anonymous said...

there once was a girl named V
who noticed she had to go pee
her pants were so low
from her personal show
she didn't have to undo a thing

Sarah said...

Yay! The average emotional age is now a single digit! Thanks anonymous!</sarcasm>