04 June 2007


Curse my silly memory... I am sure that others will tell you I was distracted and stressed at my party, but already I am only remembering the good times, ah the beauty of a rose colored memory. First off thank you to the people who helped put Junetoberfest together with their help, or lending of equipement: Venche, Viv, Lois, Spanky & Mae, and Schmendrick ... thank you. A special thanks to our musical entertainment, justsmilechild and erinoneday.

Saturday dawned about as clear and beautiful as you can imagine an early June day could be. Viv showed up early to help with the set up, Venche showed up a little later, but still early. Amazingly enough, everything managed to work itself out and be prepared by the time 1500 (that's 3:00pm for the military time challenged) rolled around and attendees started to show up.
Viv and I grabbed the microphones and did play by play for this badminton death match for world supremacy.

100_3329 - cliffo 100_3327 - cliffo
Sharon shows the correct method for making Takashi pose for a picture.

This little guy turned out to be very entertaining, he shot up about to the height of my tallest tree.

IMG_2248.jpg - cornstalker
Unfortunately, the rain did not stay away, so several times people crowded into my tiny house. Here they are watching a DVD cornstalker made of swing dancing events, but we also had The Princess Bride playing.

IMG_2258.jpg - cornstalker IMG_2253.jpg - cornstalker
Frisbee was also on the menu.

100_3320 - cliffo
Okay, so as if the rain wasn't enough, there may have been a few water balloons thrown around too, who is this leading the charge towards the not so unsuspecting Venche?

cliffo cliffo cliffo cliffo cliffo cliffo cliffo cornstalker cornstalker cornstalker cornstalker cliffo
The rules were that nothing wet was to go inside the fence, so we all stayed out and got soaked.

100_3342 - cliffo 100_3341 - cliffo
Then for a more conventional water balloon toss, Ben & Justsmilechild won. It was a good weekend for Ben winning things.

IMG_2299.jpg - cornstalker
We got the food going then, much thanks to Carol for doing the majority of the cooking. A concerned Ken is looking on to make sure his favorite part of a party is being done properly.

While dinner was cooking, there was entertainment in the form of Takashi, who shows us how karaoke is really done.

100_3358 - cliffo
After dinner was done (I am assuming that not many of my regular readers actually wanted to see food being eaten) it was the world premier of The SmileChild & OnionBoy Gospel Hour, consisting of the one song we practiced. It went well.

And then the real entertainment got on stage. Erinoneday and Justsmilechild did an original justsmilechild tune, and three others.

IMG_2311.jpg - cornstalker IMG_2311.jpg - cornstalker
Thank you again ladies! Try to remember all us little people when you are touring the world.

100_3372 - cliffo
Anytime you have a fire, you have to have marshmallows!

IMG_2331.jpg - cornstalker
By this time the excitement was winding down with the sun setting and everyone tried to find a warm spot around the fire.

IMG_2339.jpg - cornstalker

Clean up didn't turn out to be so bad, although it's not exactly finished right now. I was just thinking, we had no baked beans! It was also odd for a pot luck that no one brought desserts. Thank you to all who showed!

Much thanks to both Cliffo, you can see all 42 photos in his set here, and Cornstalker, you can see a video highlight reel here and you can see all 87 photos in his set here. Thanks to both for allowing me to borrow pictures with more or less implied permission.


Venche said...

Thanks for having us all over :)

Mae said...

I had a great time. Sorry that I couldn't get there earlier though... Looks like I missed out on all the badmittion and water ballons.

micah said...

mmm... hot dogs with ketchup... :)

it was a great party!

onionboy said...

ketchup is GROSS!

GingerKid said...

Sorry I missed it! Looks like it was a lot of fun. But I had a still had a good time at the Women's College World Series =)

Janna said...

Two things:
(1) I LOVE ketchup.
(2) Check your e-mail!!! I sent your pictures!