10 June 2007

A little clean up

Okay, I admit it, I am the first person to say to others "what did the doctor say?" when they are ill ... but what did I do, I tried to fight off a nasal infection for two weeks all on my own, even though I knew what it was. Sheesh, what a moe-ron. Oh, by the way, I blame Viv for my getting sick, although since we see the same doctor, it does make the doctors visit easy ... "Hi Jessica, I have the same thing Viv saw you about on Tuesday."

The house is still messy from the party last Saturday, or maybe not messy, but I still have a couple things to take care of. Like moving the grill back to the deck, which actually I need Kevin to help with. I also need to find homes for all of the items that got left behind. Some I know about, like Spanky & Mae's cooler, Cornstalkers umbrella, Lois' microphone equipment, and the top of Venche's martini shaker. Others not so obvious, like a very nice cooler that was full of water bottles, I have no idea who that belongs to.

Some of you may remember that the big tree in my back yard likes to drop dead sticks all over the place. After all of the high winds this past week, I now have enough sticks back there to keep my fire pit burning for about a week straight, which is what I plan on doing with the darn things.

I made a few changes to the blog, dropping a few links to people for various reasons, Rock'n'Robin because she barely even gets on a computer anymore, let alone has time to update, Suzie because her blogspot isn't her main source anymore and I'm not sure she wants strangers (or people she knows) finding her, and ReportWriter because I've pretty much reached the conclusion she is long gone, even if she says she isn't. I did add one of the two "advertising" pictures that Jannaverse made for me.

There are other things going on with my general 'cleaning up', but I'm not quite ready to talk about them ... I miss Rock'n'Robin, I really have no single person to talk with in person about anything and everything right now.

Edit: For that matter, about 90% of everyone I know well is/was out of town last weekend, this weekend, or next, it seems like only myself, Spanky, & Venche have not gone anywhere. What's up with that? Maybe I need to go somewhere just to go. :-)


Janna said...

You posted the picture I did! :)

micah said...

you know it's summer when everyone is out of town. :)

and i'm honored i made the "love to get spam" list!