18 June 2007

Great moments in fire

phone photo

Besides all the excitement of the CWS, it was also a three fire weekend. Thursday I built a fire just for me and was just relaxing when Schmendrick came out of the house.

Schmendrick: "What are you doing?"
Me: "Burning sticks."
Schmendrick: "Why?"
Me: "Because I can ... pull up a chair."
Schmendrick: "Can't, I'm in a chat room."

a short time passes, maybe two minutes, when Schmedrick grabs a handful of sticks and tosses them on the fire.

Me: "I thought you were in a chat room."
Schmendrick: "Look, I'm a guy, there is a fire, here are some sticks, I can only resist so much."

Saturday night started when I invited Viv over for a grill out and to hear about her trip. She brought Cornstalker. He invited Ben & Maegmariel (who brought marshmallows). Finally Schmendrick came home. There were some fun moments, some not quite G-rated conversation, and as far as any of you know, nothing caught on fire that was not supposed to. We stayed up until about 0130 talking and laughing.


Get A Life! said...

It's not just a guy thing! I'm a pyro too! But I can pretty much cope by burning scented candles. Very feminine.

Janna said...

It sounds like you and your friends had a good time. :)

By the way, I thought of you today when I wrote THIS post. :)