18 June 2007

CWS Madness

For those of you not in the Oma-know, one of the big events here in Cowtown every year in the College World Series. Every year it just gets bigger and bigger. I spent about 36 hours checking out the sights starting with the opening ceremonies Thursday night.

As a short aside, did you ever review the pictures you took and discover that approximately none of the ones you thought you had taken were actually taken?

Thursday night was opening ceremonies, featuring bands, the teams, fireworks, and general hoopla. The hook that got me down there was The Prairie Cats were playing a set at 1800 (that's 6:00pm for those of you 24hr clock challenged). Venche and I went down and met up with all the other jitterbugs who came out to see the fantastic show ... which consisted of my roomie, Schmendrick. Nice showing Jitterbugs leadership. Hugh and Jim showed up eventually.

phone photo
I managed to get a picture of a couple of very famous people, just ask them.

phone photo
No, this bird didn't escape from the zoo, it was part of the festival atmosphere at Rosenblatt Stadium.

I try to go to at least one game per year, last year it was the championship game, thank you again LeeAnn, I still have the ticket stub on my microwave. This year I was planning to go to game four on Saturday night, but I got a last minute call to go to game one, and so I did.

We paid for general admission, we sat here. I'm not sure the two are the same. The game featured CWS veterans the Rice Owls and newcomers the Louisville Cardinals.

No, it's not a police lineup, it is the group we came with. Just two more people in our group, and we could have fielded a team! and lost.

IM003645.JPG IM003632.JPG IM003643.JPG IM003636.JPG
One of the things I love about going to a ballgame is there is so much more going on than the game, it's easy to be distracted.

We spent time talking to the people behind us, a woman and this little girl. The woman was originally from Kentucky, and therefore rooting for Louisville, the little girl got too much sun, and was trying to get out of it by draping a shirt over her and borrowing my hat.

The guy who sat in front of us had a big head and wouldn't get out of the way!

Louisville jumped out to a big lead, but just couldn't finish the game, Rice won 15-10.

After staying up way too late on Friday night, I got up and went to help with 9th Inning Ministries Saturday morning with Great Adventures, a.k.a., my Bible study group. 9th Inning Ministries hands out free water at ball games, and does other things too.

Would you buy a used car take a free bottle of water from this group?

We gave out 1100ish bottles of (mostly cold) water in about 30 minutes.

Dre demonstrates her winning bottle handing out form. I wonder why more people would take free water from a pretty girl than an old guy like me?

IM003652.JPG IM003656.JPG
After all the water was handed out, and the obligatory ice fight was finished, we walked and drove out to Alicia et.al. house and had a cookout.


There were 37 photos total, you can see the rest of the photos here.

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