29 June 2007

Catching up, part I

Okay, so there are other things going on in my life other than having to explain myself to everyone ... for instance, the Prairie Cats played a show at Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha last Tuesday. Daddy K, guitarist for the P-Cats and all around nice guy introduced me to the crowd when I walked out onto the 'dance floor' "Hey! It's Onionboy". Thanks for the publicity, I need so much of it right now. About 20 dancers showed up.
P-Cats at OBS Gardens 1
Daddy K and the P-Cats stay out of the sun, the dancers, not so much.

It was a little on the warm, sunny side for an outdoor dance, but the gardens are beautiful, and the P-Cats were cool as usual. Alicia and Viv shared a special moment when they discovered they both had a love of cheese. Alicia brought a cheese plate and crackers and was generous, thank you. Cornstalker and I disagreed on one of the cheeses, I liked it quite a bit, he said it "tastes like my grandmothers sock drawer". You shouldn't eat stuff you find in there.

Nice Hat
Jeff finds a way to keep his face shaded.

Smilechild, Viv, Cornstalker, and I took a short tour of the gardens. Smilechild and I may go back soon. I wanted to get to the butterfly bush, but we didn't walk that far.

See Cornstalkers posting about this event here.

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