21 October 2007

GAMe Hay Rack Ride

The GAMe Hayrack ride was last weekend. Let me be the first to say. I went to the event, but I didn't get on the hay rack ride, and I am most certainly happier for it. Why you ask, let me see if I can sum it up in one picture or less:

IMG_4859.JPG - cornstalker
No need to elaborate, I hope.

The event was on the other side of the world, a place some call northwest Omaha. Actually it was a lot close to Blair at Santa's Woods. I got up there just in time to work the front desk for my volunteer shift. Meet and greet is a good volunteer thing for me to do.

Birthday Weekend 9 - smilechild
Wow, I seem to remember Alicia awake the entire time.

IMG_4837 - cornstalker
Tamara: "Hey Vivian, I heard there is going to be a hayrack ride."
Vivian: "Really? I love those!"

GAMe Hayrack Ride 7 - LadiesMan217
Just a few people showed up. Bonus if you can find me.

IMG_4842.JPG - cornstalkers camera, but i took it
SmileChild can't even wait for the hayrack to start moving before she causes trouble ... typical of her."

While the hayrack ride was out tooling around, about ten of us sat around and had some deeply intellectual discussions ... or maybe we just shot the breeze ... your call. When the rest of the hay covered people returned. There was a barn dance.

IMG_4868.JPG - cornstalker
Dang it, I just can't make my feet do what I want them to do!

Birthday Weekend 3 - smilechild
Bethany puts SmileChild and sRoys through the moves.

IMG_4869.JPG - cornstalker
I'm not sure why, but Vivian proposed to SmileChild...

Birthday Weekend 43 - smilechild
...she said no, rumor has it she likes someone else.
*What is more fun than incriminating-looking photos taken out of context?*

The only other fun thing of note was this:

IMG_4859.JPG - cornstalker
Almost as funny as popcorn, maybe next time try water balloons. Happy Birthday!.

I would love to take credit for it, but it wasn't my doing.

Many thanks to Cornstalker, SmileChild, and LadiesMan217 for various photos used, as always more or less with comedic intent...

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