30 October 2007

Venche's Housewarming

Venche has a new house, and it needed to be warmed ... so everyone came over for a warming and potato bar last Saturday.

IMG_5412.JPG - cornstalker
The potato bar was super tasty, and featured three different kinds of onions.

There was karaoke in the basement...

IMG_5418.JPG - cornstalker
...and games upstairs.

The house is cute, and so was the hostess. The made up game of "Fact or Crap" was much more entertaining than the real one.

Much thanks to Cornstalker for 2/3 pictures.

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Schizophrenic Elf said...

ERIC! I have updated my blog and finished tweaking the tweeks that should have been tweaked a loooooong time ago, and now I feel justified in posting in your comments!

Venche's house looks appropriately warmed. I'm very glad y'all had fun. :)