17 October 2007

Triple Happy Birthday

I swear SmileChild started celebrating her birthday at the beginning of October, at least it seems that way. The first thing on the celebration menu was SmileChild at Applebees Friday evening. I got there as quick as I could after work, about five minutes later than everyone else.

birthday weekend 4 - smilechild
SmileChild and Bethany trying to decide which "Ultimate Trio" they are going to order.

birthday weekend 9 - smilechild
Emma likes her hair played with, I love Emma's frizzy doo, what's not to understand?

birthday weekend 6 - smilechild birthday weekend 7 - smilechild
It must have been birthday friends (bring your) relatives night at Applebees.

After we finished up our dinners, and headed over to the Eagle's Club for a night of swing dancing. SmileChild must have had about, oh, fifty friends show up, and unfortunately for lead-follow dancing balance, almost all of them were ladies.

birthday weekend 17 - smilechild
We aren't sure what happened, but one thing is for sure Alissa didn't do it.

birthday weekend 16 - smilechild
Amazingly enough, here is a picture of Olin not smashing cake in someones face.

IMG_4789.JPG - cornstalker
ErinOneDay & SmileChild dancing ... with a lot less drama than the last time we saw them together at a birthday jam.

Mae & Bex showed up after the birthday jam at JNO, around 2300 or so. No one got pictures of them dancing??? No matter. Next up on the event list was the all-nighter at Spanky & Mae's.

IMG_4796 - cornstalker
Poor Gabe got caught in the middle of a Bex & Mae gigglefest.

Ben tries to suffocate Kevin - cornstalker
He survived.

IMG_4809 - cornstalker
Since SmileChild doesn't drink, it must have been too much dancing.

Playing Halo on the big screen - cornstalker
I think playing Halo 3 on the big screen is a great way to celebrate your wife's birthday.

IMG_4825 - cornstalker
Usually they all sit at the bottom of the stairs, this time they chose the top. If you know why this is better, smile.

Once again another successful Triple Happy Birthday!

Much thanks to SmileChild, Cornstalker, and Cliffo for use of their photos, as always, more or less with permission.

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smilechild said...

i don't know what you're talking about... i started celebrating at the end of september... :)