28 October 2007

JNO Halloween Dance

Yes, it's that time of year, the JNO Halloween dance.
100_5529 - cliffo
I thought SynopisDog as QuailMan was, as his favorite beer (ads) might say, "Brilliant!"

100_5527 - cliffo
Spanky and Mae came as the Grim Reaper and a Demon. It was fun to see Spanky dance so much...

100_5546 - cliffo
Rob as SpongeBob tries to absorb all the dancing he can.

JNO Halloween 8 - smilechild
This move is called the Donkey Kick. It's kind of easy, and can be worked into the song well and looks showy. Swing shorts are mandatory for poodle skirt wearing, embarrassable ladies.

JNO Halloween 11 - smilechild
Cornstalker and Viv made a return visit as French wine and cheese, but now with cool new shirts.

JNO Halloween 23 - smilechild JNO Halloween 25 - smilechild
Pirates and gypsies don't mix... ...but everyone mixes well with Johnny Bravo baby.

IMG_5382.JPG - cornstalker
I am not quite sure what I am doing here, but it looks like it must have been cool ... but not cool enough to get me a showing at the Jack & Jill contest.

100_5626 - cliffo
Look who did place 3rd, Schmendrick, so our house did represent.

IMG_5369.JPG - cornstalker IMG_5365.JPG - cornstalker
What the heck is going on here???

JNO Halloween 34 - smilechild
The same scrooges who didn't like my dancing during the Jack & Jill contest, didn't like Johnny Bravo either ... so these were the very deserving finalists for the costume contest ... and the winner was Ruth as OJ, the Omaha Jitterbug, congratulations to Ruth.

Many thanks to Cornstalker, SmileChild, and Cliffo for various photos used with vague mumblings of permission.

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