23 October 2007

October is International Birthday Month or something

Way back in July when I decided to stretch my birthday out over four or five days, I had no idea I would be starting a trend. The latest to take advantage of the multiple day birthday, Jenny Jitterbug.

This tale begins on Friday night, at Famous Dave's. I got there late, but only by about ten minutes, people were still ordering food. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then SmileChild was trying to butter me up, she couldn't make up her mind what to eat until I ordered, and then she got what I got.

IMG_4859.JPG - cornstalker
This group looks familar, it's like they are at every party I go too.

IMG_5071.jpg - cornstalker IM004078.JPG
Me taking the shot ... and the shot itself.

IMG_5059.JPG - cornstalker
Maegmariel and Ben thought they could get away without being in any photos.

Jessica is looking much nicer here than the next time we will see her (this is called foreshadowing, it is a device writers use to keep the readers interest.)

Dan is telling Crazy Connie "...when you've been dancing as long as I have..."

Hey, check it out, a random friend from Great Adventures. Hi Erin! This photo has nothing to do with Jenny's party at all. I just put it here because I can, so there.

Eventually the dinner ended, and we all headed over to Jitterbugs to do some dancing, including the world famous birthday jam, which is nothing like raspberry jam at all.

IMG_5085.JPG - cornstalker
Ben takes Jenny Jitterbug for a spin.

Friday, it's all out battle royale for the Dancing With Jenny Jitterbug title, who will wear the prestigious DWJJ belt and be champion!

Jenny's Birthday 14 - smilechild
Sheesh, Jenny Jitterbug will dance with anyone.

boogie back - cornstalker
Not surprisingly, the jam ended with a shim-sham.

But wait, there is more! The following night Hugh sponsored a costume / birthday party at his "crib". Mae & I had another party to go to first, but we showed up and in style.

Okay, so after some crack research, I guess I should have been wearing a black t-shirt.

This picture makes me think of a mob movie, but I don't know why.

Have you ever seen anything so amazing in your entire life? I mean Rob put a lot of effort into that SpongeBob costume.

IMG_5193 - cornstalker
This one is just funny.

IMG_5174 - cornstalker IMG_5182 - cornstalker
Vivian models some possibilities for her 'Christmas' hair this year.

Cheese and wine! - cornstalker
I thought Viv & Cornstalker being cheese & wine was really creative.

IMG_5244 - cornstalker
Hey, check it out, Jessica has her tongue pierced, who knew?
As foreshadowed, not quite as dignified as the last picture she was in. In case you are wondering, Olin has an ice cube in the hand you can't see.

The crack research team here at The Onion Skin News has procured a picture of Olin the day after he met Jessica, let's see it.
Blue frosting on her face? That was good cake too, I remember it.
P.S. I think Olin likes her.

Jenny's Birthday 1 - smilechild
Happy Birthday Jenny Jitterbug!.

Much thanks to SmileChild and Cornstalker for allow me to liberally lift their copyrighted photos.


Becky said...

Thankfully you are right, birthday jam is infinitely better than raspberry jam. But then, I hate raspberries.

Sarah said...

Man, and I almost escaped from the pictures!