04 October 2007

Viv's Birthday Party

The problem with being the host for a party, you never get to take your own pictures of the event, you are too busy, um, hosting.

Happy Birthday Vivian last week!

We'll start off with a picture from JNO on Friday night.

IMG_4491.JPG - cornstalker
This is only going to be funny to those who saw it happen, poor Brian.

Next onto the main event at The Lazy Onion Ranch the next day.

matt & cake - smilechild
Matt showed up early and did some cooking.

IMG_4505.JPG - cornstalker
Guests on the deck, flowers on the left, Viv's name in lights on the right.

IMG_4510.JPG - cornstalker
Don't be fooled, I had a beer too. The chair MistyJoJangles is in is courtesy of Mae who got it on sale.

IMG_4517.JPG - cornstalker
Sarah lost the frisbee in the garden.

IMG_4520.JPG - cornstalker
Just a flesh wound. The doctors say that SmileChild will be able to use her arm again after it was sewn back on.

IMG_4526.JPG - cornstalker
There were several games going on around the volleyball net, none of them were called volleyball.

cherokee - smilechild
Some people decided the kitchen was the place to be.

IMG_4526.JPG - cornstalker
Viv gets the big gift, her very own digital camera! Which she used to take pictures like this:

DSCF0012 - viv
My laundry.

DSCF0012 - viv
A nerdfest.

DSCF0010 - viv
Her roommate (nice hoodie, am I gonna get that back?).

DSCF0010 - viv
The fire.

Actually she has a good eye, check out her photos here.

IMG_4491.JPG - cornstalker
Everyone gatherered around the fire pit.

IMG_4591.JPG - cornstalker
Thus ended a beautiful night...

...Well except for me, I had a migraine all day and ran out of medicine. I drove over to Walgreen's to pick up some more around 2200, fell asleep there, and didn't get back until after 2300.

Thank you to Viv, Cornstalker, and SmileChild for allowing me to pilfer photos more or less with permission.


Becky said...

That was a great party. Trevor enjoyed himself so much he threw a little temper tantrum about having to leave. (i think it was the missing of the fire and roasted marshmallows that did him in). I wish we didn't have to leave so early.

I hope Viv had a great birthday!

Viv said...

That was a lot of fun. Thank you for having it at your house.