30 October 2007

Venche's Housewarming

Venche has a new house, and it needed to be warmed ... so everyone came over for a warming and potato bar last Saturday.

IMG_5412.JPG - cornstalker
The potato bar was super tasty, and featured three different kinds of onions.

There was karaoke in the basement...

IMG_5418.JPG - cornstalker
...and games upstairs.

The house is cute, and so was the hostess. The made up game of "Fact or Crap" was much more entertaining than the real one.

Much thanks to Cornstalker for 2/3 pictures.

28 October 2007

JNO Halloween Dance

Yes, it's that time of year, the JNO Halloween dance.
100_5529 - cliffo
I thought SynopisDog as QuailMan was, as his favorite beer (ads) might say, "Brilliant!"

100_5527 - cliffo
Spanky and Mae came as the Grim Reaper and a Demon. It was fun to see Spanky dance so much...

100_5546 - cliffo
Rob as SpongeBob tries to absorb all the dancing he can.

JNO Halloween 8 - smilechild
This move is called the Donkey Kick. It's kind of easy, and can be worked into the song well and looks showy. Swing shorts are mandatory for poodle skirt wearing, embarrassable ladies.

JNO Halloween 11 - smilechild
Cornstalker and Viv made a return visit as French wine and cheese, but now with cool new shirts.

JNO Halloween 23 - smilechild JNO Halloween 25 - smilechild
Pirates and gypsies don't mix... ...but everyone mixes well with Johnny Bravo baby.

IMG_5382.JPG - cornstalker
I am not quite sure what I am doing here, but it looks like it must have been cool ... but not cool enough to get me a showing at the Jack & Jill contest.

100_5626 - cliffo
Look who did place 3rd, Schmendrick, so our house did represent.

IMG_5369.JPG - cornstalker IMG_5365.JPG - cornstalker
What the heck is going on here???

JNO Halloween 34 - smilechild
The same scrooges who didn't like my dancing during the Jack & Jill contest, didn't like Johnny Bravo either ... so these were the very deserving finalists for the costume contest ... and the winner was Ruth as OJ, the Omaha Jitterbug, congratulations to Ruth.

Many thanks to Cornstalker, SmileChild, and Cliffo for various photos used with vague mumblings of permission.

26 October 2007

Scream like a little girl!

This is the sight out of the middle window of our office.
Run away! Run away!

Yes, the spider is about as big as that the height of that brick. According to our crack research team here at work, this is a spider of the genus Argiope, known in the U.S. as a Argiope aurantia - Black and Yellow Garden Spider. No worries, she is harmless. Sean sits closest to her and named her Fred.

23 October 2007

October is International Birthday Month or something

Way back in July when I decided to stretch my birthday out over four or five days, I had no idea I would be starting a trend. The latest to take advantage of the multiple day birthday, Jenny Jitterbug.

This tale begins on Friday night, at Famous Dave's. I got there late, but only by about ten minutes, people were still ordering food. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then SmileChild was trying to butter me up, she couldn't make up her mind what to eat until I ordered, and then she got what I got.

IMG_4859.JPG - cornstalker
This group looks familar, it's like they are at every party I go too.

IMG_5071.jpg - cornstalker IM004078.JPG
Me taking the shot ... and the shot itself.

IMG_5059.JPG - cornstalker
Maegmariel and Ben thought they could get away without being in any photos.

Jessica is looking much nicer here than the next time we will see her (this is called foreshadowing, it is a device writers use to keep the readers interest.)

Dan is telling Crazy Connie "...when you've been dancing as long as I have..."

Hey, check it out, a random friend from Great Adventures. Hi Erin! This photo has nothing to do with Jenny's party at all. I just put it here because I can, so there.

Eventually the dinner ended, and we all headed over to Jitterbugs to do some dancing, including the world famous birthday jam, which is nothing like raspberry jam at all.

IMG_5085.JPG - cornstalker
Ben takes Jenny Jitterbug for a spin.

Friday, it's all out battle royale for the Dancing With Jenny Jitterbug title, who will wear the prestigious DWJJ belt and be champion!

Jenny's Birthday 14 - smilechild
Sheesh, Jenny Jitterbug will dance with anyone.

boogie back - cornstalker
Not surprisingly, the jam ended with a shim-sham.

But wait, there is more! The following night Hugh sponsored a costume / birthday party at his "crib". Mae & I had another party to go to first, but we showed up and in style.

Okay, so after some crack research, I guess I should have been wearing a black t-shirt.

This picture makes me think of a mob movie, but I don't know why.

Have you ever seen anything so amazing in your entire life? I mean Rob put a lot of effort into that SpongeBob costume.

IMG_5193 - cornstalker
This one is just funny.

IMG_5174 - cornstalker IMG_5182 - cornstalker
Vivian models some possibilities for her 'Christmas' hair this year.

Cheese and wine! - cornstalker
I thought Viv & Cornstalker being cheese & wine was really creative.

IMG_5244 - cornstalker
Hey, check it out, Jessica has her tongue pierced, who knew?
As foreshadowed, not quite as dignified as the last picture she was in. In case you are wondering, Olin has an ice cube in the hand you can't see.

The crack research team here at The Onion Skin News has procured a picture of Olin the day after he met Jessica, let's see it.
Blue frosting on her face? That was good cake too, I remember it.
P.S. I think Olin likes her.

Jenny's Birthday 1 - smilechild
Happy Birthday Jenny Jitterbug!.

Much thanks to SmileChild and Cornstalker for allow me to liberally lift their copyrighted photos.

21 October 2007

GAMe Hay Rack Ride

The GAMe Hayrack ride was last weekend. Let me be the first to say. I went to the event, but I didn't get on the hay rack ride, and I am most certainly happier for it. Why you ask, let me see if I can sum it up in one picture or less:

IMG_4859.JPG - cornstalker
No need to elaborate, I hope.

The event was on the other side of the world, a place some call northwest Omaha. Actually it was a lot close to Blair at Santa's Woods. I got up there just in time to work the front desk for my volunteer shift. Meet and greet is a good volunteer thing for me to do.

Birthday Weekend 9 - smilechild
Wow, I seem to remember Alicia awake the entire time.

IMG_4837 - cornstalker
Tamara: "Hey Vivian, I heard there is going to be a hayrack ride."
Vivian: "Really? I love those!"

GAMe Hayrack Ride 7 - LadiesMan217
Just a few people showed up. Bonus if you can find me.

IMG_4842.JPG - cornstalkers camera, but i took it
SmileChild can't even wait for the hayrack to start moving before she causes trouble ... typical of her."

While the hayrack ride was out tooling around, about ten of us sat around and had some deeply intellectual discussions ... or maybe we just shot the breeze ... your call. When the rest of the hay covered people returned. There was a barn dance.

IMG_4868.JPG - cornstalker
Dang it, I just can't make my feet do what I want them to do!

Birthday Weekend 3 - smilechild
Bethany puts SmileChild and sRoys through the moves.

IMG_4869.JPG - cornstalker
I'm not sure why, but Vivian proposed to SmileChild...

Birthday Weekend 43 - smilechild
...she said no, rumor has it she likes someone else.
*What is more fun than incriminating-looking photos taken out of context?*

The only other fun thing of note was this:

IMG_4859.JPG - cornstalker
Almost as funny as popcorn, maybe next time try water balloons. Happy Birthday!.

I would love to take credit for it, but it wasn't my doing.

Many thanks to Cornstalker, SmileChild, and LadiesMan217 for various photos used, as always more or less with comedic intent...

19 October 2007

Laugh EVERY time

I could watch this a million times and still laugh.


17 October 2007

Triple Happy Birthday

I swear SmileChild started celebrating her birthday at the beginning of October, at least it seems that way. The first thing on the celebration menu was SmileChild at Applebees Friday evening. I got there as quick as I could after work, about five minutes later than everyone else.

birthday weekend 4 - smilechild
SmileChild and Bethany trying to decide which "Ultimate Trio" they are going to order.

birthday weekend 9 - smilechild
Emma likes her hair played with, I love Emma's frizzy doo, what's not to understand?

birthday weekend 6 - smilechild birthday weekend 7 - smilechild
It must have been birthday friends (bring your) relatives night at Applebees.

After we finished up our dinners, and headed over to the Eagle's Club for a night of swing dancing. SmileChild must have had about, oh, fifty friends show up, and unfortunately for lead-follow dancing balance, almost all of them were ladies.

birthday weekend 17 - smilechild
We aren't sure what happened, but one thing is for sure Alissa didn't do it.

birthday weekend 16 - smilechild
Amazingly enough, here is a picture of Olin not smashing cake in someones face.

IMG_4789.JPG - cornstalker
ErinOneDay & SmileChild dancing ... with a lot less drama than the last time we saw them together at a birthday jam.

Mae & Bex showed up after the birthday jam at JNO, around 2300 or so. No one got pictures of them dancing??? No matter. Next up on the event list was the all-nighter at Spanky & Mae's.

IMG_4796 - cornstalker
Poor Gabe got caught in the middle of a Bex & Mae gigglefest.

Ben tries to suffocate Kevin - cornstalker
He survived.

IMG_4809 - cornstalker
Since SmileChild doesn't drink, it must have been too much dancing.

Playing Halo on the big screen - cornstalker
I think playing Halo 3 on the big screen is a great way to celebrate your wife's birthday.

IMG_4825 - cornstalker
Usually they all sit at the bottom of the stairs, this time they chose the top. If you know why this is better, smile.

Once again another successful Triple Happy Birthday!

Much thanks to SmileChild, Cornstalker, and Cliffo for use of their photos, as always, more or less with permission.