24 April 2005

2/3 Residents Agree, Ice Cream Rocks

It's not really a reward for going to church, it's just that Dairy Queen happens to be on the way home from church, I can't help where they decided to build the darn thing.

It is true that 2/3 residents of my house agree that ice cream is the best thing since cinnabons (this may be another article entirely, but cinnabons don't get any better than Ann Sather's in Chicago). Me, Cherokee, and the girlie-rats love ice cream. The cats just think ice cream is just weird.


In other news I think my low grade depression has been caused by my impending purchase of a new fridge. Financial stability continues to be JUST THIS FAR out of my reach, and having to fork over $500 for a new major appliance really isn't going to make me any happier or closer to it.

I don't know why, but it certainly seems as though whenever I have one thing go wrong, in this instance, the fridge... it brings up ALL my failures at once (probably human nature), and I just get weighed down thinking NOTHING is ever going to go right. Stinking-Thinking if I ever saw it. Just throw in a couple of absolutes and wham you got the making of a decent bought of feeling low.

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