07 April 2005

Something, In Retrospective, That I Should Have Known Before I Did It.

Okay, so about 3/4 of my life could be filed under the title of this posting, but I am thinking of an exceptionally brilliant maneuver on my part.

So... I made mac & cheese last night, out of the blue box, and being sick, I didn't jazz it up with meat or veggies or spices or anything fun, I just wanted some comfort food. I did add extra cheese of course. Well I ate my dinner and was cleaning up and put the extra in a container for the fridge. As I was doing this, I thought my little girls (i.e. my rats) might like to have some. So I took a wooden spoon full and dumped it into their bowl. As I was doing this I had a thought (danger!) "gosh, I bet Sis would eat right off this spoon, won't that be cute..."

She grabbed the spoon.

Sis and I had about a :45 second wrestling match over the spoon that made that time that I wrestled that turkey leg away from my friends beagle look like a walk in the park. A few notes on cheese covered wooden spoon wrestling with a fancy rat:
1) picking up the spoon with the attached rat won't work, they can easily support their weight with their teeth & jaws.
2) you can't really pinch their jaws to get their mouth to let go like you can with a dog.
3) don't get your finger in between their teeth and the spoon (I WAS this smart at least).
4) once the spoon has been dragged through the rat bedding for :15 or so, do you really want it back? No.
5) there is no loss of pride in just letting go.

I retrieved the remains of the spoon today. It kind of reminded me of an old skeleton you might find laying on the floor of the forest on a hike... picked clean with some of the bones gnawed. Please practice safe mac & cheese.

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