05 April 2005

Cubs Win, Part 0001H

16-6? Okay its’ a victory, not exactly a dominating pitchers performance.  I know that getting up 6-0 can lead to a little let down, but if that is true and Carlos relaxed a bit, why did he get the gate? I appreciate his passion, and he is just 23, but heck if you got a big lead, throw the ball up there in the strike zone and make ‘em hit it into the ground.  Koufax said that he became a great pitcher when he quit trying to make the batter miss his pitches, but instead tried to make the batters hit his pitches...  Also, see Maddog and his 68 pitch complete game... Or Steve Carlton who ALWAYS led the league in home runs allowed, but they were solo home runs.  Come on Carlos, opposing batters say hitting you is like hitting a cement ball, throw it up there with movement and win.  106 pitches in 4 2/3 innings and getting thrown out of the game is NOT what we want.

I REALLY liked small ball.  WOW, the hitters made contact, moved the runners along and had timely hits.  I know about Steve Stones’ love of Earl Weaver, but Earl’s “pitching, defense, and a three run homer” is not the ideal solution for Wrigley.  Okay, so the power alleys are some of the shortest around, the left and right field lines are some of the longest at 353 & 355.  Dead center is (allegedly) 400... None of which are exactly hitters dimensions.  Yes, some hitters benefit from the power alleys, when their hitting style is to hit in-between the gaps, Keith Moreland, Andre Dawson, and Sammy Sosa.  But other players who are pull hitters exclusively would just have a lot of long fly outs down the lines.  So maybe the formula for Wrigley, 8 (or 9) contact spray hitters, get on base, hit and run, and oh by the way, everyone of them is capable of hitting the ball out of the park at any time.  Burnitz is the only serious strikeout liability, perhaps working with Dusty, Gene Clines, and Sarge can help him to make better contact.

Bob Brenley & who?  Enough of that, bring back Chip & Steve or it will be TV on mute, Pat & Ron on the radio all summer long.

D. Lee, did someone write June on his calendar? If he hits like that (4/6, HR, 5RBI) out of the gate, it will be long summer for opposing pitchers, AND Burnitz won’t see so much junk he is tempted to swing at.

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