23 April 2005

It's Saturday Night and I Ain't Got Nobody...

Okay, so this is a whine rather than a inability to meet anyone... I usually do just fine with the meeting available women.

I am pretty picky. I am trying harder to not be so picky, because what I am really looking for is compatibility, not perfection. So I'd like to think that being alone is a choice, as in no-one is better than the wrong one. That being said, I still hate being alone, anyone who has known me longer than :45 seconds probably can figure that one out. Sure I have a lot of really great friends, and some fun acquaintances to do things with, and with the dancing I have positive human touching, and many good hugs. But, of course It's not the same as having someone warm to cuddle up with. *sigh*

I hate feeling lonely.

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monica said...

I'm looking for perfection. And I can honestly say, I'm far more picky than you. I figure, life may be lonely and it may take me forever to find the perfect relationship. But whatever. I'm still not going to settle for compatibility. Along those lines, I didn't mean to ramble... I just wanted to say that I'm sorry you are lonely. I can relate, and it does suck :(