28 April 2005


I have a new fridge. The old one just quit getting cold, and it was only over the period of a couple weeks, that it quit... I bought the new one on Tuesday and had it delivered on Wednesday. I got it at Lowes... I was happy with the service at the store, but the delivery sucked. They told me morning, so I didn't go to work. I finally got a call around 9:15 "we'll be there between 2:00 - 2:30. So I cleaned up and went into work, got there at around 10:15. worked for 3 3/4's hours, then came home again. They finally showed up around 3:45pm. By the time everything was situated and I was back at work, it was 4:45. I worked for about an hour and left for a meeting with my "new job" (see new job post). A big waste of a day. I felt so guilty about being a slacker on Wednesday, I bought donuts for the team today.

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