24 April 2005


My chinese horoscope is somewhat disturbingly accurate, especially about love & ego. I like being the dragon, but I don't really like it when horoscopes are correct... it makes me think of fate more than choice, and I really believe in free will (good Catholic).

I love balance in my life, except in the area of fate vs. choice. I do believe that there are themes that you run into until you solve them, but I think it is more of God's helping you learn and grow. For instance a recurring theme in my life is eye injuries, issues, and defects. Over and over again I seem to be plagued by eye issues. Maybe it's self fulfilling, where I just notice it more than other people, but it certainly seems as though this issue comes up more with me than other people I have talked with.

As a Dragon, I guess I am not supposed to get along with Dogs, but everyone else is in play. So if you're not a Dog (1958, 1970, 1982) look me up ;-)

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Serpent Girl said...

I have long felt the Chinese Horoscope declaring me a "Snake" to be far more accurate than my "Aquarius" designation!