30 April 2005

Too Much of a Good Thing

Okay, so I ate too much chocolate over the last couple of days, and now my head is paying for it... Arg! The migraine monster attacketh. There ought to be a law against that kind of monster.

28 April 2005

New Job???

I interviewed on Tuesday with the head of the Information Services (IS) department for a job that doesn't exist yet. It is dependent on us signing a new contract with a large customer. Because of the delay in between my request for an interview and when it was granted, and the involvement of my boss and his boss in getting me the interview, I thought it was going to be one of those we-are-only-interviewing-you-because-we-were-told-to-interview-you interviews. i.e. no chance. Well, the interview went very well, and much to my surprise, at the end of the interview I was taken around to meet the entire 80+ person team, and then invited to a group function the next night... I would say the interview went well, although nothing is official yet. I like what I do, I just thought a change would be nice to get back to something technical... and leave it to me to get into ANOTHER starting from scratch job. Watch this space for further news.


I have a new fridge. The old one just quit getting cold, and it was only over the period of a couple weeks, that it quit... I bought the new one on Tuesday and had it delivered on Wednesday. I got it at Lowes... I was happy with the service at the store, but the delivery sucked. They told me morning, so I didn't go to work. I finally got a call around 9:15 "we'll be there between 2:00 - 2:30. So I cleaned up and went into work, got there at around 10:15. worked for 3 3/4's hours, then came home again. They finally showed up around 3:45pm. By the time everything was situated and I was back at work, it was 4:45. I worked for about an hour and left for a meeting with my "new job" (see new job post). A big waste of a day. I felt so guilty about being a slacker on Wednesday, I bought donuts for the team today.

24 April 2005

2/3 Residents Agree, Ice Cream Rocks

It's not really a reward for going to church, it's just that Dairy Queen happens to be on the way home from church, I can't help where they decided to build the darn thing.

It is true that 2/3 residents of my house agree that ice cream is the best thing since cinnabons (this may be another article entirely, but cinnabons don't get any better than Ann Sather's in Chicago). Me, Cherokee, and the girlie-rats love ice cream. The cats just think ice cream is just weird.


In other news I think my low grade depression has been caused by my impending purchase of a new fridge. Financial stability continues to be JUST THIS FAR out of my reach, and having to fork over $500 for a new major appliance really isn't going to make me any happier or closer to it.

I don't know why, but it certainly seems as though whenever I have one thing go wrong, in this instance, the fridge... it brings up ALL my failures at once (probably human nature), and I just get weighed down thinking NOTHING is ever going to go right. Stinking-Thinking if I ever saw it. Just throw in a couple of absolutes and wham you got the making of a decent bought of feeling low.


My chinese horoscope is somewhat disturbingly accurate, especially about love & ego. I like being the dragon, but I don't really like it when horoscopes are correct... it makes me think of fate more than choice, and I really believe in free will (good Catholic).

I love balance in my life, except in the area of fate vs. choice. I do believe that there are themes that you run into until you solve them, but I think it is more of God's helping you learn and grow. For instance a recurring theme in my life is eye injuries, issues, and defects. Over and over again I seem to be plagued by eye issues. Maybe it's self fulfilling, where I just notice it more than other people, but it certainly seems as though this issue comes up more with me than other people I have talked with.

As a Dragon, I guess I am not supposed to get along with Dogs, but everyone else is in play. So if you're not a Dog (1958, 1970, 1982) look me up ;-)

23 April 2005

It's Saturday Night and I Ain't Got Nobody...

Okay, so this is a whine rather than a inability to meet anyone... I usually do just fine with the meeting available women.

I am pretty picky. I am trying harder to not be so picky, because what I am really looking for is compatibility, not perfection. So I'd like to think that being alone is a choice, as in no-one is better than the wrong one. That being said, I still hate being alone, anyone who has known me longer than :45 seconds probably can figure that one out. Sure I have a lot of really great friends, and some fun acquaintances to do things with, and with the dancing I have positive human touching, and many good hugs. But, of course It's not the same as having someone warm to cuddle up with. *sigh*

I hate feeling lonely.

Dance, Part 0003H

I've probably mentioned this before, but one of the things that I love about dancing is I am not very good at it. Sure I can do a few things pretty well now after ten months of it, but in general, it is very hard for me to learn, and therefore, it can be a fairly humbling experience. At the Balboa class today, I think Coley was surprised today to see me frustrated and apologetic. Although I like to talk to her when I am frustrated or angry, I believe I usually am much more confident than I was today... I feel like the kid who just can't learn how to tie his shoes. I know I'll get it eventually, but at the moment, I just want to scream at my own feet & body not doing what I want to do.

22 April 2005

Great Thoughts... Almost

I actually had two brilliant thoughts last night I was going to post here... but, as I went to post I got an error message that the sight was down for planned maintenance from 5:00 - 5:30pm left coast time. Just fine I did something else for :10 minutes, came back, and then the planned maintenance turned into 5:00 - 7:00pm left coast time. Sweet.

Naturally I forgot my brilliant thoughts.

14 April 2005

Another Cheesey Post

Misty found this website: Cheese Quiz You can find out what kind of cheese you are.

Yes, this is my second posting about cheese... I had no idea it was so important to me.

13 April 2005

Better Call a Toe Truck

So there I was at Troy & Merinda's... one minute I'm wearing Jinx on my head, the next I am heading up the stairs and tripping. Oh No! I've been critically wounded!

Ooh, pretty colors!


I hope I can dance on Friday.

07 April 2005

Something, In Retrospective, That I Should Have Known Before I Did It.

Okay, so about 3/4 of my life could be filed under the title of this posting, but I am thinking of an exceptionally brilliant maneuver on my part.

So... I made mac & cheese last night, out of the blue box, and being sick, I didn't jazz it up with meat or veggies or spices or anything fun, I just wanted some comfort food. I did add extra cheese of course. Well I ate my dinner and was cleaning up and put the extra in a container for the fridge. As I was doing this, I thought my little girls (i.e. my rats) might like to have some. So I took a wooden spoon full and dumped it into their bowl. As I was doing this I had a thought (danger!) "gosh, I bet Sis would eat right off this spoon, won't that be cute..."

She grabbed the spoon.

Sis and I had about a :45 second wrestling match over the spoon that made that time that I wrestled that turkey leg away from my friends beagle look like a walk in the park. A few notes on cheese covered wooden spoon wrestling with a fancy rat:
1) picking up the spoon with the attached rat won't work, they can easily support their weight with their teeth & jaws.
2) you can't really pinch their jaws to get their mouth to let go like you can with a dog.
3) don't get your finger in between their teeth and the spoon (I WAS this smart at least).
4) once the spoon has been dragged through the rat bedding for :15 or so, do you really want it back? No.
5) there is no loss of pride in just letting go.

I retrieved the remains of the spoon today. It kind of reminded me of an old skeleton you might find laying on the floor of the forest on a hike... picked clean with some of the bones gnawed. Please practice safe mac & cheese.

05 April 2005

Cubs Win, Part 0001H

16-6? Okay its’ a victory, not exactly a dominating pitchers performance.  I know that getting up 6-0 can lead to a little let down, but if that is true and Carlos relaxed a bit, why did he get the gate? I appreciate his passion, and he is just 23, but heck if you got a big lead, throw the ball up there in the strike zone and make ‘em hit it into the ground.  Koufax said that he became a great pitcher when he quit trying to make the batter miss his pitches, but instead tried to make the batters hit his pitches...  Also, see Maddog and his 68 pitch complete game... Or Steve Carlton who ALWAYS led the league in home runs allowed, but they were solo home runs.  Come on Carlos, opposing batters say hitting you is like hitting a cement ball, throw it up there with movement and win.  106 pitches in 4 2/3 innings and getting thrown out of the game is NOT what we want.

I REALLY liked small ball.  WOW, the hitters made contact, moved the runners along and had timely hits.  I know about Steve Stones’ love of Earl Weaver, but Earl’s “pitching, defense, and a three run homer” is not the ideal solution for Wrigley.  Okay, so the power alleys are some of the shortest around, the left and right field lines are some of the longest at 353 & 355.  Dead center is (allegedly) 400... None of which are exactly hitters dimensions.  Yes, some hitters benefit from the power alleys, when their hitting style is to hit in-between the gaps, Keith Moreland, Andre Dawson, and Sammy Sosa.  But other players who are pull hitters exclusively would just have a lot of long fly outs down the lines.  So maybe the formula for Wrigley, 8 (or 9) contact spray hitters, get on base, hit and run, and oh by the way, everyone of them is capable of hitting the ball out of the park at any time.  Burnitz is the only serious strikeout liability, perhaps working with Dusty, Gene Clines, and Sarge can help him to make better contact.

Bob Brenley & who?  Enough of that, bring back Chip & Steve or it will be TV on mute, Pat & Ron on the radio all summer long.

D. Lee, did someone write June on his calendar? If he hits like that (4/6, HR, 5RBI) out of the gate, it will be long summer for opposing pitchers, AND Burnitz won’t see so much junk he is tempted to swing at.

03 April 2005

Command Performance?

My mothers birthday was March 26. About a week before that, she asked me to write her a poem for her birthday... nothing is coming to mind at all, it's not writers block so much as just no clue. I guess I don't write easily, and a command performance is not helping things one bit. I finally do have an idea, and I've actually written something, but that is as far as I have gotten.

The problem with poetry is of course it can never be about what it is about, so you have to write two levels deep. Who makes up these silly rules anyways? So you have to write one story, only have it be about something else, and then make it all pretty and metered. It gives me a headache just thinking about it.