22 May 2006

Chicago Trip

Okay, so I made it under the 72 hour self imposed limit, barely...

IM002789.jpg IM002790.jpg
naturally as soon as I went to walk somewhere, it started a downpour, a couple of shots of the rain here as I walked to Navy Pier.

Outside Navy Pier, same as the "poem" shot from last week.

A herd of seagulls.

This one is of a lighthouse and the calm water before it, I like the water colors.

A stained glass interpretation of Mucha's "The Four Seasons", on display at Navy Pier's Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows, and also on display in Spanky & Mae's bathroom, although not in stained glass.

IM002805.jpg IM002807.jpg IM002808.jpg
Some shots of the indoor garden...

... and on the children's stage... PIRATES!

My favorite fountain in Chicago.

An obligatory shot for Mae.

The view from my friend Jen's office.

Baseball heaven, okay, if they won, it would be heaven, but it's sure not Iowa.

IM002821.jpg IM002823.jpg IM002824.jpg IM002825.jpg
Some shots from millennium Park in Chicago.

Could I see your tourist visa's please?

IM002827.jpg IM002830.jpg
Buckingham Fountain.

evidently, not everyone got the memo about how stupid these things are.

IM002831.jpg IM002832.jpg
The building on the left is where I used to work, and I used to live in the third of the four identical buildings on the right.

Yes, I know my mom is no where to be seen, she forbade me from taking her picture.


misty said...

Great pictures! That's Carl's favorite fountain too, we've gone and stood behind the wall of water. One of my best Chicago memories. Glad you had a good time, and that you made it there and back safely!

Mae said...

Thanks for thinking of me... I love that shot of the "Four Seasons". Walgreen's was a nice bonus too! Was that the origianl Walgreen's? I know that's in Chicago.

Viv said...

Here is my comment. Are you home yet? It looks like fun. I don't see any pictures of pizza with spinach and tomatoe. I gess you're not as much a food person as I am. When Venche and I go to Chicago, you will definatly need to come with us so you can show us around.