31 May 2006

Golf, Part 0001

So, I finally got my butt to the golf course after nearly a two year absence. I played pretty much exactly how I thought I would. I have a very good naturally swing, so my ball striking (insert joke here), was fairly good as long as I didn't overswing. I had a little trouble figuring out the correct club to use, any shot that required finesse was very rusty, and I didn't putt well at all.

I overdid it and played two balls for 18 holes, which didn't help my score at all, I should have just played one ball, so fatigue and concentration were factors. So it sounds bad, but really I played very well. I shot 37/45=82 on the first ball and 45/42=87 on the second. I had one birdie and 13 pars, and hit 16/36 greens in regulation. I was +3 on putts with no one putts.

I golfed at Eagle Hills in Papillion. It is owned by the city of Papillion, and they have a funny deal where they get retirees to volunteer to work out there for free golf. So the course is fairly well teeming, crawling, littered with old guys, many ex military who are always seeming to watch you. It's kind of creepy.


Becky said...

There was once a time when I loved golf. I was nine and told my dad I wanted to take lessons. So he went out (literally the next day) and bought me some kid size clubs. I took lessons all summer and I felt so special because it was the only time I got to spend time alone with my dad. Plus I thought I was hot shit driving the golf cart. Then he quit letting me drive it after I nearly drove it over a cliff when we were on vacation. I lost interest in short order.

Anyhow, I am glad you got to enjoy the weather- it was a lot better than this weekend was!

Have a good week of doing nothing!

getalife said...

You're really good! Mr. Right loves to golf, but lacks your natural talent. Maybe because you're tall?

onionboy said...

maybe it's not because i am tall, but because i am good looking