17 October 2006

Another dream... more analysis?

Time to post another dream, who knew? In case you missed the last one, here it is, make sure you check out the cutting edge dream analysis from "anonymous", left in good humor, I'm sure. Oh, by the way "anonymous", you spelled kinetic incorrectly.

Here goes the dream. I was a cadet at a military academy. My girlfriend in my dream (I never actually saw her) was the daughter of a general, who was visiting the academy. I was waiting in a rec room to go golfing with the bigwig father in law to be with some buddies of mine. We were playing pool, when all of a sudden there was some sort of shift in my head, and instead of playing pool, I was cleaning up the aftermath of an attack by a terrorist, which killed my father-in-law to be. After a few minutes, the scene switched again, this time the academy was older, I was in the future somehow, and the terrorist attack never happened. Another switch, aliens were attacking. Again, hanging out with buddies in what appeared to be the early 20th century. All the time, the people, and my location stayed the same, what changed was the when and physical surroundings of the location i.e. buildings, streets, trees...

Finally another switch, only this one was a lot more serious. The time appeared to be in the 1950s, and I was being tried for some sort of crime, the penalty for which was death by hanging. My buddies were running the trial, which was mostly fluff, and it was being overseen by my girlfriends father. I began to formulate a theory, that the (now evil) father in law to be didn't like me, and he somehow arranged all this to get me out of the way so his daughter could marry someone else. The trial went on... blah blah we'll give him a fair trial and then we'll hang him blah blah. They got me up on the gallows, but before the rope could be secured, the scene shifted again, and I was walking in a park with my buddies.

More scene shifts in rapid succession, future, past, current, all with something different happening. A parade in one, more parks, a bombardement from space, a naval battle in the river the academy bordered. At some point during my rapid travels I got some sort of device telling me what was really going on, and I didn't even need to pull some glowing red thing out of my nose like Quaid.

It wasn't my (no longer evil) father in law. It turns out that one of my future selfs had made a discovery of a small moon tightly orbiting one of the large moons around Jupiter. My analysis showed that the small moon had somehow been blasted into two chunks. It was some sort of secret that people wanted to kill me for.

Of course before I could find out who or why, I woke up. I hate that. Like most of my dreams, the details were fabulous. Leaves on the trees. The skin on the aliens. The trim on the cars. The way the uniforms on the cadets looked different every time the time frame switched. I love my dreams.

My analysis leads me to conclude this dream may be my subconscious crossing the boundaries of temporal and spacial propriety. I should seek some professional couseling from the Traveler before I find myself in a pickle shaped static warp bubble.

Hey "anonymous", as far as being in your league, I'm not. Posting anonymously with questionable concepts, overanalysis, and poor spelling is little league. Let us know when you can move up to play with us big people.


Anonymous said...

"...and so you're back from Outer Space. You just walked in to find me hear with that sad look upon your face. I should have changed that stupid lock. I would have made you leave your keys if I'd have known for just one second you'd be back to bother me."

Poor, poor Eric. I spell one word wrong and you find that's the fault with what I have to say. Just how deep did it resonate with you? A little confrontation never did anybody any harm, son. The truth may sting for a little while, but if you deal with your issues, you won't have to worry with facing it in the future.

And good luck with the end of the world as we know it.

onionboy said...

LOL - nice try anonymous gloria gaynor... i'm not back from outer space to bother you... you are seeking me out for whatever issue is bothering you. does your therapist know you are doing this?

it's not one simple misspelling that would be the objection with what you had to say, schleping together a few words not in common use and expecting them to make a concept is more of the problem, the misspelling is just a clear indication you have no idea what you are saying. do we need to analyze what you've had to say? it's wouldn't be difficult to do so, and some of your concepts would make a rather nice colander to drain pasta with.

as for the truth and it's sting? yes, i've been there and done that, more times than not, it leads to personal growth. i have yet to encounter any truth anonymously, it's always very personal.

speaking of personal, let's discuss your use of the word "confrontation" in an anonymous context. it is possible you don't understand what the word means, so in an effort to assist you, i've copied the definitions from http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/confrontation down here:

con‧fron‧ta‧tion  / –noun
1. an act of confronting.
2. the state of being confronted.
3. a meeting of persons face to face.
4. an open conflict of opposing ideas, forces, etc.
5. a bringing together of ideas, themes, etc., for comparison.
6. Psychology. a technique used in group therapy, as in encounter groups, in which one is forced to recognize one's shortcomings and their possible consequences.

what you see here is a number of definitions, these include the words "act of meeting", "face to face", "open conflict". the dictionary definition of the root word, confront, has as it's first definition: To come face to face with, especially with defiance or hostility.. the defiance and hostility are readily apparent, what is missing here is the intimacy of an interpersonal exchange. even with definition #6 above, the word group is used, as in a group of people together. there is a great deal missing in an exchange that contains no body language or tone to what is said... it makes it hard to correctly guess what it is that you are meaning. if you would like to help me (or anyone) encounter my shortcomings, come packing with simple love, not inane babbling.

nearly the first words on your dream #1 comment were an expression of deep and abiding concern for me. your last words on this comment above were ones of complete dismissal and abandonment. is that a deep and abiding concern for me when i submit myself to your ramblings? or is that you weren't that interested in my well being in the first place? i think the latter.

i invite the readers of my blog to come with their own opinions as to what is going on here.

i ask you, anonymous gloria gaynor, what is it you are hoping to accomplish here? if you know me well at this stage of my life, then i'd like you to have the confidence to come and talk to me and express your concerns. if you knew me at an earlier stage of my life, and i have caused you pain, i ask your forgiveness and help in working together to make it right, or at the very least to reach an understanding.

please feel free to leave more comments, as a fellow human being, not as a disembodied voice.

**my apologies to those of you post here regularly, i've enabled comment moderation until our anonymous friend feels safe enough to join us.

Sarah said...

Dreams are sometimes more literal than believed. Maybe you're worried about some plot against you? But I do have to ask this, since you mentioned the detailing of the dream: green or grey aliens? The world wants to know.

Janna said...

I'm amazed that you can remember so much about your dreams and that they last for so long.
I usually wake up "too soon" and get frustrated about the abrupt ending. (Like somebody grabbed the remote out of my hand and turned the TV off. :)
This must be "weird dream" month or something; I've read other bloggers dream-posts lately too.
My own blog post yesterday (10-17-06) dealt with recurring dreams. Any thoughts there?

The Schizophrenic Elf said...

Eric dreaming about aliens! I am amused.

New blog post coming up soon.

onionboy said...

janna- actually my dreams are pretty much always like this, i'm just posting about them lately.

elf- it wasn't about aliens, it included aliens.

Becky said...

I do believe weird dreams are contagious. After reading your blog, I had one last night or early this morning where I was a member of the mafia and I was operating a machine gun from the top of a SWAT van. Then suddenly I was walking through airport security praying I had left my gun at home. I blame the Benadryl- I always get weird dreams when I take the stuff.

Viv said...

I'm actually feeling quit green about this post. When I wake up most of the time it's like nothing happened. It would be nice if I got some entertainment once in awhile.
Maybe your dreams are a result of you not watching any movies. Your mind isn't full of all those fake speacial effects so it makes up it's own. God only knows.