24 October 2006


I came back to work today after my seven days off, and of course, something had to change... I had a new computer on my desk. This one has a built in camera, with effects. Okay, so my email didn't work right away, but I got a cool new toy!
four of me
the scariest halloween posting ever!


Viv said...

Scary? You have a dot on your nose!!! LOL

Linda said...

Dude, that is so classic Andy Warhol! I love the deep, intense look. It makes me wonder what scary thoughts are going on behind those eyes. ahahahahahahah **evil laugh**

Happy Halloween to you! ;0)

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. that's just creepy. A little Andy Warhol..but still..very creepy.

Janna said...

Strange but fun! I like it!
A good shave and a few Tylenol PM's would take away a lot of the "scariness," I think. :)
Plus, yeah, there's a dot on your nose! Kinda like the Halloween version of Rudolph.