15 October 2006

Double Happy Birthday, part II

Okay, this is my fourth try at writing some copy for this post, and it's just not working, so lets just say this:
  1. Happy Birthday Mae!
  2. Happy Birthday Bex!
  3. Cool Idea with the Jack & Jill on Friday at JNO.
  4. My apologies to anyone who thought I was obnoxious at the party.
Now, on to some pictures.

birthday girl #1 ... Mae.

birthday girl #2 ... Bex.

birthday girl #3 ... Justsmilechild. Wait, that makes it a triple happy birthday.

They had an open Jack & Jill at JNO Friday. I thought I did well, and I got Terri for a partner, but I didn't place.

the judges must not have been looking...

Your winners:
1st Place: Mo & Andy
2nd Place: Corinn & Steve
3rd Place: Sarah & Chris

Afterwards, Mae & Bex had a birthday party at Mae and Spanky's. The Halloween themed decorations were fabulous.

Beers & boys, a typical combination.

Some people, however, go for the caffeine, not the alcohol.

Does this look familiar to anyone?

Dang, that's some cute hair...

Mae_&_Bex_bday_2006_14.JPG Mae_&_Bex_bday_2006_15.JPG
A couple of scary pictures, loren1350 just a little too close, and the disembodied, creepy hand that grabbed Suzie!

100_1384 Mae_&_Bex_bday_2006_18.JPG
Really Spanky & Mae only need about a 200 square foot house for partying, people only gather in two spots, they crowd into the kitchen or at the bottom of the stairs. I can't sit still that long.

thanks to jittercliff for several photos...

Rock On!


Becky said...

I don't know if you do something different or if its something with my computer settings but I can't see pictures on your blog anymore. Not from my computer at home. My work computer gets them just fine. So I can't see any of these pictures til tomorrow... :o(

Hope you had fun at the party!

Viv said...

That's funny how the picture of reportwriter and I worked out. That was a good night.