25 October 2006

Kids These Days

*crotchety old man voice*

What's wrong with kids these days? I'll tell you... when I was a kid and I had to get a flu shot, you went and you were already crying. Why? Because when you got there the nurse pulled out a syringe the size of a small coke bottle with a needle about the size of a straw. They injected so much of the stuff in your arm it looked like you had a marble buried under your skin. You’d probably be bleeding for hours. If they managed to kill off all of the virus, you only had to deal with an arm that wouldn’t work for a week, if they didn’t get it all killed off (a much more likely scenario), you basically had a low grade flu to protect you from getting one... AND an arm that wouldn’t work for a week.

Not getting a shot wasn’t a choice. My grandparents were alive during the last pandemic when people died all over the place, they told the horror stories to my parents, and anything you could do to possibly prevent that was going to happen.

Today I went and got a flu shot. I barely noticed the needle going in, and I HATE needles. About 3 seconds of feeling cold/pressure/pain, and it was over. No waiting around the doctors office to see if I would go into respiratory failure. I got right up and left. I know I got a shot, but this is probably as sore as I’ll get and dancing will be no problem on Friday.

When we got flu shots, we suffered... and we were happy... although I don’t know why we were happy.

make sure you check out the “sure-to-be-left” comment from mistyjojangles.


Anonymous said...

The reason your arm hurts less now is because technology has advanced far enough that the tracking devices the government implants under your skin via shots have gotten exponentially smaller. I too remember getting kindergarten shots and my arm being sore for a week - a reaction to the hunk of metal now coursing through my veins, alerting the government of my every move. Now, with the advent of the flu shot, a shot widely distributed and readministered every year (perfect for tracking, might I add), they had to make it more tolerable for the masses, or, since it's optional, not enough people would partake. And so, the painless shot you've just endured has quietly plummeted you into the world of 1984. Don't think negative thoughts, or if you do, don't answer your door.

Paranoid-ally yours,
Misty Jo Jangles

onionboy said...

check it out M-J-J

too bad the government tracks my blog, and I’ll be force to give up your location. that red mark on your leg, you only think it's a spider bite.

at least by ponying up my $9, i don't go through the pain and annoyance of a fake spider bite implant. they'll probably inject you someplace really uncomfortable this year...

watch out for cigarettes laced with sleeping gas.

Kevin said...

What time did you get the flu shot? Because this evening arond 4:00 I was thinking of the phrase, "Are you afraid of needles?"

I wasn't thinking about a flu shot, but I was thinking about needles.

Janna said...

So THAT'S why there's a microchip in my left buttock...

SuzieQ said...