05 October 2006

Yard Work is Hard Work

I have a tree that drops stupid sticks like LL Cool J drops dope rhymes. Not limbs, or branches, but sticks, one to four feet long, not as big around as your pinky. By my figuring, in my 5 1/2 years living here, that tree has dropped more sticks than it actually has mass, so somehow, it magically produces them.

squirrel heaven
...the culpruit...

I decided I would try to pick up these offending sticks, instead of running them over with the lawn mower (which I suspect isn't that effective). So Monday when I got home from work, I went out in the back yard and for :45 I picked up sticks in one corner of the yard, broke them into foot long segments or so, and put them in the yard waste can. I filled up my smaller yard waste container about 75% full, and that was it for the night. The next day I was right back at it, this time I filled the larger container about 80% full in about 1:15. I then cut the lawn.

Sheesh did I do anything? I spent :20 more minutes picking up sticks in just the far back corner of the yard... and said "'golly gee darn' it!" or something really similar. That just about sucked... okay, it did suck.

free kindling
lunch time for teething termites

I'll be cutting the front lawn today, then right back at it, this time with a rake in hand. Oh, and of course, Tuesday after clearing out all those sticks, wind storm. Wednesday morning was a wind storm.


Janna said...

That DOES sound like hard work.
On the bright side, if the realtor had known there was a magical tree on the property, you would have had to pay a lot more for it!
Maybe you can invite people over for a big bonfire or something.

Oh, and by the way, you've been tagged with a Halloween meme at my blog-- stop by and check it out. (It's relatively painless, I promise.)

Viv said...

I was thinking the same thing. You never did have a party. Maybe this is your time. Forget about the pumpkin patch. Lets have a party at your house and rost marshmellows!!

SuzieQ said...

I live closer to Vallas...and I volunteer a few blocks away....soo I'd probably go to Valla's if that were the option. :( Have a party closer to Halloween.

Morgen said...

I love the line about how the tree has dropped more sticks than it has mass. very good!

I have several large trees in my yard, so I feel your back pain (from bending over and picking up all the *expletive deleted* little sticks)

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Halloween Meme!

Rebecca said...

You said "like LL Cool J drops rhymes." HA!

Other than that, I understand. Only, my problem is walnuts. When they were still falling, they fell on the tin roof of my carport all the time. I'd wake up in the middle of the night because it'd sound like a gun being shot. So, at least it's not waking you up in the middle of the night. At least there's that.