11 October 2006

Dreaming about who and what???

Attention: Amateur Dream Analysists

Last Thursday, Sunday, and Monday I had dreams about one of the jitterbugs. Okay, that's kind of odd considering I don't often dream about people I don't know. More weirder, the jitterbug in question was UPtowngirl8809. Now don't misunderstand me, I like the uptown girl, she funny, a good dancer, cool hair, and seems to have it together upstairs, however, she is not in my circle of friends, in fact, other than dancing conversations, we haven't had the opportunity to get to know one another yet.

All of sudden she is in dreams on three of five consecutive nights.

Odder yet, check out this dream content: on Thursday she is teaching me how to grocery shop (huh?). On Sunday she is teaching me how to dance (okay, plausible). On Monday she is teaching me how to ride a skateboard (not gonna happen).

What are these dreams all about?


Viv said...

That's weird and kind of funny. I'm no dream analysist but maybe you'll be getting something new, doing something fun, and conquering something difficult. God only knows.

Janna said...

I don't know about the dream; I've been dreaming weird stuff lately myself (Like last night I dreamed my house blew up and killed me while I was trying to run away from the bomb someone planted inside....)
But anyway, I love how your new sidebar says that we will be your friends for $20.00 a week. How nice of you! I'll be eagerly awaiting my check in the mail. Do we get cost-of-living increases as the years progress? Do we get double-time for holidays?

Anonymous said...

Speaking anonymously as someone who cares deeply for you and your emotional health, these dreams may be your subconscious crossing the boundaries of emotional and kenetic social propriety. I think it may be possible you should seek some higher authority or professional counseling before you find yourself in a pickle.

I should also advise you that as much as you'd like to think you've got this anonymous pegged, you're a little out of your league.