09 October 2006

A Weekend

My weekend began around 11:30 on Friday when I noticed Mae called me. I listened to my voice mail, which was of the "where were you?" variety. I had signed up to do a dancing demonstration at Boyd Elementary School in Omaha at 10:00. Josie had set it up, it is where she teaches. I quickly checked my calendar, and there it was... on Monday. I had also signed up for the 2:00 session too.

I picked Mae up around 1:30 and we headed up there. I have done demos before, but this one was on a stage. It was myself, Dan, Nate, Kristen, Christi, Mae, and of course Josie. It was a very nice demo, it was well planned and thought out, and kept the kids attention, good job Josie & Nate. We did about five minutes dancing on stage, Charleston, Balboa, and Lindy. Then Nate talked briefly about the history of swing music. A few minutes of video clips, and one more dance with the kids. I don't remember ever being that well behaved.

After the demo, Mae and I headed out shopping. We went to the Target at Crossroads, which turned out to be quite small. I got a pair of jeans, a shirt, and some new 'dance' shoes, well they will be dance shoes once I put the leather on the bottom of them. I ran into a girl from jitterbugs whom I have danced with at the Target, but embarrassingly I didn't know her name, she obviously didn't know mine or Merinda's and so introductions were not made. She was buying shoes to dance in that night.

The dance was fun, it was our sixth year celebration. We had the 'Steal-a-Jam', Andrew's birthday, and Band of the Night played. What was NOT fun was about 1130 I had a killer migraine make an appearance, and by the time I drove home, I was one hurting unit. I took a couple of everything in the house and slept like a rock.

Saturday afternoon I went grocery shopping, and bought a hooded sweatshirt. Very exciting. I caught some of my SIU Saluki's football game on TV in the afternoon.

Saturday night was boys night out. Football on the big screen, beer in hand, and playing poker. I did pretty well in the tournement. I was chip leader fairly late, and then didn't play so well. The Huskers looked like the team I expected them to be, finally playing a sixty minute ballgame.

Sunday I went to church for the first time in a while. It felt so good to be there. I didn't sing so well, but I didn't suffer so much about it... but the people around me probably did. Father Denny led of the sermon with "...both Nebraska and Notre Dame won yesterday, so we should all be in a good mood." He's not normally so funny.

In the afternoon, I took Viv golfing for her first time. She did very well, much much better than I expected. Normally-first timers get very frustrated with just trying to hit the ball, she did just fine. We played at Milt's par 3 course. I was reasonably happy with the was I played. I shot a 31, she had a 51. Afterwards we went to the Varsity in Bellevue for pizza. Neither of us had been there before, it turned out to be a very nice place.

Sunday night Reportwriter came over and we watched football. The Chargers wore their powder blue uniforms, I wore my new light blue hoodie, guess who I was rooting for. Speaking of rooting and football, my pro team, the Bears, and my college team, the SIU Salukis, are now a combined 10-0, outscoring their opponents 374-107. Ain't football grand.


Viv said...

Thanks Eric!!!

onionboy said...

what's up with using my REAL name... aaaaaaggghhh!

Janna said...

My sympathies about the migraine. I get those too. Aren't they awful?