27 November 2006

Burning the candle at all three ends

This is no surprise: I need my sleep. I usually need a minimum of 6.50hrs of sleep per night, but am much happier when I have at least an hour more than that, plus a short nap (I'm old, don't forget).

Holiday weekend, I have to work all day, and I had a plan.
Wed night: lots of sleep, plan 8.00hrs.
Thu night: stay up late with Viv & friends, plan 5.00hrs.
Fri night: nap and then up late at dance with Prairie Cats, plan 6.00hrs with nap.
Sat night: sleep, plan 8.00hrs.
Sun night: Jackie Chan party hosted by Mae, and then sleep, plan 7.00hrs.
= 5 nights, 34hrs sleep.

The best laid plans of...
Wed night: *buzz* - stayed up late, got about 4.50hrs of sleep
Thu night: *ding* - stayed up late, got about 4.50hrs of sleep
Fri night: *buzz* - skipped the nap, stayed up late, got about 4.00hrs of sleep
Sat night: *ding* - in bed by 6:15pm, got around 8.50hrs sleep
Sun night: *buzz* - left the Jackie Chan-fest early enough, but drank caffeine while I was there, probably ended up with right around 4.50hrs of sleep.
= 5 nights, 26hrs sleep.

I am blaming no one but myself for this, I could have skipped out early on nearly everything and been just fine. Yes, I got my naps in the car too, but it wasn't enough. I had "tired dreams" last night. I dreamed I was I opened my eyes, it was light out, and I was more than two hours late for work. Usually those kind of 'nightmares' cause me to pop awake out of the dream, but I couldn't even do that.

Today is going to be a struggle, and I suspect I will be going right to sleep after I eat tonight.

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