11 November 2006

Rethinking my thinking

Earlier this year, after listening to some things some of my friends had to say, I decided to make a second blog that was to contain all of my entries of a spiritual nature. Essentially splitting myself in half for journaling purposes.

My reasoning was this: because I know that some people whom I love dearly do not share my faith, or even a belief in God. Since I knew they read my blog, out of respect for those people, I didn't want to seem as though I was pushing my beliefs onto anyone.

Regardless of my reasoning being good or bad, the decision has been bad for me. I have found that this little split I made in one corner of the fabric of my life has worked it's way into a big tear running through virtually everything I do. I feel like it has shaken my priorities loose and they've dropped to the floor in a random order.

So I have been (darn metaphors) stitching my priorities back in order, finding ways to sew my relationship with God up, and mending some holes I have worn into my existence. I think my lesson here is that since I like to (imagine myself to) be about wholeness and consistency, I cannot voluntarily split myself up and expect to continue to be whole and consistent.

blah blah blah - short story long, I am going to just write one blog, about me ... all of me.


Sarah said...

I can understand two separate blogs for separate things, like I have for my personal blog and the blog with all my creative projects, but yeah, the whole "separating what makes you" thing isn't healthy. Good move in recombining those two aspects of yourself. *applauds*

Spanky said...

For the most part people are good at either skipping over things they aren't interested in, or just reading it for the, "Oh, I can see why *Eric* thinks that's important" factor. So... it was a silly idea in the first place. :)

getalife said...

Why am I just finding out now that there was another blog?

No Life AND Out of the Loop Girl

SuzieQ said...

You're a brave man. haha I have...4 different blogs...1 I spill mostly everything, 1 I spill a lot, and 1 I spill a tiny bit, and 1 I don't keep up with anymore...haha

Jenny Jitterbug said...

Good decision!
I don't think your blog ever seemed like you were trying to force your beliefs on people. You need to be true to your beliefs, regardless of what others think. :)