21 November 2006


I have this theory that states:
You will like the foods that your mother craved while pregnant.

My mother craved pickles and ice cream. I like pickles and ice cream. People love to poke holes in this theory, but as it applies to me, it must be true for everyone else too.

this blog entry based on a true posting... and don't forget, all good theories are posted in purple.

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Janna said...

There's a rumor that some good theories are also posted in forest green, but so far science has been unable to confirm or deny this.
My mother (whether pregnant or not) likes all kinds of weird things. Some of her weird combinations include "pickles and ice cream," "Pickles and root beer," "Ice cream with hot peppers," and "taco salads with artificial sweetener sprinkled on top." (Bleccchh!)
I like none of these combinations! (I realize this makes me a 'hole-poker' in your theory.)
Maybe you could try a different shade of purple...

P.S. sorry if I ended up sending this more than once; the word-verification thingy is being weird.