17 November 2006

Missed it by THAT much

Yesterday I was washing my clothes and blankets. I pulled the cover off of the couch, and what did I see, under one of the cushions, I found a sock, not just any sock, but THE sock, the one that never shows up when you are folding. I quick grabbed it and threw it in with the rest of the whites (yes, separated laundry, quite a concept, eh schmendrick?). Things went round and round for a while, then I put the whites in the dryer, and threw the couch cover in the washer. Things went round and round some more, and I pulled the whites out, put the couch cover in the dryer and started folding.

Praise and Hallelujah! All my socks matched up! I had done it, I had found the elusive sock, the very fabric of the universe was going to be changed forever! I even called a few friends to brag about it. I was going to be grilled by 60 Minutes, Bill O'Reilly would scoff at me and say it was a left wing conspiracy, Rush Limbaugh would do some more prescription drugs and then talk about how drug dealers should be lined up and shot, everything would be different.

Ta da! Go me!

The buzzer went off on the dryer, I opened it, pulled out my couch cover out, and something dropped to the floor ... there it was ... a lone sock ... mocking me ...



Linda said...

The same thing happened to Geraldo and he never recovered. You, on the other hand, have the chance to set the universe right again. Just do more laundry and maybe, just maybe, you might find that elusive sock. Good luck and may the force be with you! *laughing so hard my sides hurt* ;)

Viv said...

LOL... One point Onionboy, One point sock alians

getalife said...

That's such a Downy.

I have a Lonely Sock Drawer for this phenomena. It now includes a single glove. Any time something doesn't match, I run to the drawer, and usually end up adding the new one. Several socks have celebrated birthdays in there. I'll never find another yellow leather glove, but I can't bring myself to toss that either.

I feel your static cling.

Janna said...

The universe has a cruel sense of humor.