13 February 2007

Forget Friday the 13th, it's Tuesday the 13th to worry about

Okay, so it's Tuesday the 13th, no big deal, nothing to worry about.


I had such a nice end to yesterday. Getting my behind to Bible study and making new friends there. Then a long talk with a friend on the phone on the way home. Into bed by 2200 (that's 10:00pm to those of you 24hr clock-challenged people out there) and asleep shortly afterwards. Then the clock went and struck midnight!


I woke up about 0145 (that's 1:45am to you... nevermind) and slept fitfully until the alarm went off at 0411. Went and started the car, checked for school closings, none (we can wear jeans when the weather is bad enough to close the schools), and got ready. Then the adventure started.


I get out to my car, it's still running, but now the wipers only work on high speed. The side streets haven't been plowed yet, and I can barely get up the little piddling hill on 16th street. Finally I get going, taking the Old Towne Bellevue route. Everyone and their brother is downtown plowing, I'm behind Joe Slow, and the guy snowblowing at city hall is seemingly aiming for my car. Wipers now just stop at whatever position I turn them off high. I make it onto 370 going west, whew, the roads aren't bad at all ... until I get to 25th street. Hey! City! County! State! Someone has to be responsible for plowing in between 25th and 42nd streets, then again, maybe it's nobody, because it sure wasn't plowed.


What was that? Oh, no big deal, it's just someone going by me at 70mph in a little car through foot deep drifts. He left at least three inches clearance between my car and their car. Finally I get to 42nd street, and someone else is responsible for this section of road and it is clear! I make good time until a yellow light leaves me sliding - stopping - sliding - stopping ... crap! Is that a flat tire? No, whew.


Finally I get to work and find out that after I left for work, they closed the schools. **edit: what this means is that I could have worn jeans to work.** Oh and once I turned off my car and restarted it, the wipers work just fine. Those of my regular (and irregular) readers who are teachers in the Omaha area, enjoy your day off. *grumbles*

Real pirates don't have this stuff happen to them.


The Schizophrenic Elf said...

In that case, I guess I'm a real pirate. Though I sure didn't get the day off from classes. *glares*

*suddenly realizes* We have you writing in asterisks!!! *evil laugh*

Ok, hope that you enjoy the rest of your week. I have to go take a quiz in one of my worst classes now. >_<

onionboy said...

i must give (dis)credit where (dis)credit is due, it is the elf's influence that caused the asterisks use.

Janna said...

Wow. Guess there's tons of snow blanketing the whole country; we've got it over here too.
I love winter, but even I'm starting to wish for spring already.
Now for a bit of confusion on my part. (What else is new). Where do you work??? I'd somehow gotten the impression (must've been from a previous post) that you worked at a hotel desk. But this post makes it sound like you work in a school or something. So are you a teacher? Principal? Janitor? 42-year-old high school student still waiting to graduate? What?

SuzieQ said...

teachers still have to go to school...at least at Westside...not until 10am though.

Anonymous said...

now, that is what I call *adventure driving* to get to work (notice the asterisks).

thanks for the long talk, i needed it. you are a very special friend.