26 February 2007

Really weird dream

I think I set a record for oddity in my dreams last night.

I was living in a ground level apartment, and hanging out with my friends when a news flash came on the tv about some bad weather and to take shelter. Well it turned out it wasn't bad weather, it was an attack. As I peered out the slats of the blinds, I saw an airplane flying slowly overhead, and then drop a bomb over the city.

It exploded nearby with a large flash of light and a mushroom shaped poof above it. I dove for cover, and when I popped back up to see the damage, there was no crater, but instead a pulsating five story tall blob of ... mashed potatoes. They had a slightly green tint, and the potato peels were in the mix. It moved slowly, crushing houses and cars in it's path. Occasionally small blobs would fly off or were ejected of the potato pile and hit a person, then they were infected.

You could tell someone was infected because they had a bright green forked tongue on top of their regular tongue.

I made a mad dash for my car right before my apartment building was crushed. As I got to the parking lot, a policeman was there, ticketing and towing cars for being parked illegally, he was not infected, but obviously didn't know that a pulsating pile of potatoes was going pound him to a pulp. I convinced him not to ticket me, and drove off quickly, but didn't get anywhere because of the traffic.

I abandoned the car and was chased by some of the infected people ... no wait, chased isn't the right word. They didn't act intelligently or maliciously, they just kind of ambled around like purposeless potato zombies. I did witness them touching an uninfected person, who then became infected. I climbed up to the top of some ductwork, and watched a battle below.

Two uninfected people were trying to shoot two infected people to stop them. The mashed potato infection cause them to be very difficult to kill, because it was just like shooting a pile of potatoes, not much vital to hit. Eventually after a ridiculous amount of bullets, the two infected potato people dropped to the ground, and were no longer infected. The two people shooting started to talk about using a 120 volt house electricity to kill the potato people, and I started to come down and help with the plan ...

Then Viv texted me, and I woke up! Arg!


Janna said...

Three words: GIANT DEEP FRYER.
That'll teach 'em.
Who knew that "weapons of mass destruction" could be so starchy?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a giant, slightly green, zombifying mashed potato blob is just a giant, slightly green, zombifying mashed potato blob.

Pink Freud