25 February 2007

Game (and taco) Night!

Vivian and Jenny Jitterbug were gracious enough host a game night, complete with great tacos and wonderful cookies. Also it was the world premire of the Onion Boy shirt. Without any further ado, the visual evidence please:
IM003478.JPG IM003480.JPG
Proud parent Vivian is so happy that one of her children is making new friends, and if not new friends, at least new shoulders to lean on.

Onion Boy - Cornstalker
This is the shirt that I had made after Cornstalker drew me in his web comic wearing it... life imitates art.

Okay, if you are in the right half of the picture, smile. If you are on the left half, don't.

Now I remember why I came.

I've always said Viv was special, now you can all see why, she is special, maybe like 3 / $1.00.

This picture is much more amusing since I am not the subject of "The Look".

You can see all 11 photos in my set here: Game & Taco Night

I thought I took a lot more pictures, this was only about half the party. Soon after this there was the worlds shortest game ever of UNO Attack, won by that cheater Jenny Jitterbug who forced me to trade hands when I had just one card. Then there was a well watched (team) game of Jenga (I love to watch, hate to play), which was one by the ladies.

I like the looks on everyones faces. *no sound*

There was a game of Apples to Apples that I was cheating at, evidently, because when I got home, I had several cards in my back pocket.

This was followed by the most interesting game of all called outside/inside snowball fight. Some of the boys went outside to sled down the embankment, but it ended up snowballs being chucked at the apartment and inside. When it ended it took six of us about ten minutes to clean it all up.

Snowball wall - Cornstalker
Say, are those things supposed to be on walls like that?

Taking fire - Cornstalker
You want me to open this door and see what the weather is like?

We played a game called Whoonu, and no, I don't think it was named by ReportWriter. We played twice. I liked it, it's not set up for a really big crowd, but it was fun. I won the first game because, as Venche said "I'm lucky." (okay, so that's not exactly what she said, but...)

Thanks to the lovely hostesses for moving the party up earlier to avoid the worst of the storm, still, people got stuck there, and the drive home *censored*. Once I got on the interstate I was okay, but getting out of the girls neighborhood was not pretty.

I will be stealing pictures as they get posted :-)

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Thanks to Cornstalker for several pictures!
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Matt J. said...

And I will be posting all my pictures and video as soon as I get home. I just wish I had remembered to bring my card reader.

The Schizophrenic Elf said...

*sob* I can't believe it! I HATE going to college halfway across the country! I MISSED TACO NIGHT!!!! *cries*


It sounds like you all had a lot of fun. I wish I could have been there. *hugs all around*

Jenny Jitterbug said...

Hey, to set the record straight, I am not a cheater,as I believe you have accused me in another post! :P I know you just can't stand to lose to me! :) I'm glad you had fun, it was great time!

onionboy said...

ha jenny jitterbug, that's not true, it's not that i can't stand to lose to you ... it's that i can't stand to lose to anyone!

Jenny Jitterbug said...

Well, I guess you'll just have to get used to it if you want to play with me! :)

onionboy said...

Fine then, you won, for your prize you can have that jar of peanut butter in the post below this one. :-p

Wait, you didn't win at Whoonu, I did.

Janna said...

Tacos sound good.
(wish I had something more profound to say, but hey.)