01 February 2007

Random Thoughts v0003

Aqua Teen Hunger Farce
I like the show, but this is a little silly all around.
- A promotion is run for an adult television show is run featuring blinking signs giving passersby the finger. The device features exposed wires and batteries. Did someone think about this before hand? Oh, and the company owning the show (Turner Broadcasting) called it a "guerrilla marketing campaign".
- According to Turner Broadcasting, the devices have been in place for two to three weeks. All of a sudden, the city of Boston goes into a panic, thinks they are bombs or some such terrorist devices, and shuts down bridges and subways. Did they just notice them?
- Evidently Turner did not notify the city of Boston that they were their devices until after 5:00pm, even though it had been in the news (um, hello CNN is a Turner company) all day.
- So the city goes and arrests the people who put up the displays, who were legitimately in the employ of a marketing company, and charge them with a felony. Hey, it's not the guys at the bottom, go arrest Ted Turner.

Phone Etiquette
Did you ever notice when you are sitting in your cube and you get a phone call from someone in their cube who you can see, you have to look at each other during the whole conversation? What's up with that?

Global Cooling is a Serious Problem
If this weather keeps up around here, I am going to start burning things just to put more carbon in the air. It was 45F on Jan 26, and since then we have not been above freezing, and barely above 20F. With temps expected to stay below 20F through at least Feb 6, it looks like thermal socks will be all the rage around here.. When will sea levels start dropping because of all the ice locked up at the poles? Does my home owners insurance cover glacier damage?

Microsoft Vista Launches
Oh boy. Yawn.

I'm Looking for a Little BALance.
I am wanting to do a lot of practice for the upcoming Midwest Balboa Swing Fest. I think I do pure Bal just about as well as anyone else (who isn't paid to teach it) here in Omaha. I love the dance and can't wait to learn more and compete in the dance contests.

It Used to be Taxing Work
I did my taxes in :90 last Saturday with Turbo Tax. It used to take me longer to do my 1040EZ by hand. Now even with the house and investments, it's quick. Yes, I could have saved the $25 to do my taxes by hand, but it probably would have taken at least three times as long. Let's see, $25 or four to eight hours of frustration, that's an easy choice there.

That's Powerful Spicy
I had one of those annoying moments when you think you are going to sneeze, but you can't ... I thought of black pepper and I sneezed right away. Ah the power of peppertive thinking.


Wayne said...

yes, Turbo tax!
And I don't see no F#^king global warming here either!

Janna said...

Last night the temperature was below zero.
Negative one, if I remember the bank thermometer correctly. And that's not even with wind chill! The weatherman said we had wind chills close to twenty below zero.
Aren't you glad you don't live in Michigan anymore?
Nebraska is a tropical wonderland compared to this place.
Not that I'm complaining (ok, ok, yes, I'm complaining). I still like winter better than summer. Summer is the worst. I'd rather have zero degrees than ninety degrees ANY day.
(Send all meteorological hate mail to jannaverse@gmail.com)