01 July 2007

Catching up, part II

Last Thursday a group of us went down and saw Love's Labor Lost at Shakespeare on the Green. I must say, for it's relative obscurity, it was amazingly funny. The weather was perfect, and the dozen of us or so enjoyed the weather, the show, some food, and each other's company.

Take 1: Okay, is anyone paying attention? I am taking a picture here. Oh, yes, Timmo & Yolanda are looking very nice in the middle background.

Take 2: Mae always says Spanky & Taoboy Steve think alike, oh, this must be one of those times, they both think they don't have to participate in my photoshoot here.

Take 3: Okay, like Jack Nicholson, this is as good as it gets. Jenny Jitterbug, what is that face you are making? I give up.

Hmm, it appears that I went to an outdoor play and only took pictures of my friends.

1 comment:

Matt J. said...

I'm the only one paying attention in every take. You get a camera anywhere near me, and I'm ready to start posing.