29 January 2008

The Appointment Is Made

Less than 72 hours. I made an appointment at the vet to have Cherokee put down on Friday morning at 0830. At this moment it is more peace than regret, although it may be a little early, I don't want to be too late. He still gets around though all limpy, he can only hear the loudest sounds, can no longer see well enough to catch a treat, and hard food is, well, hard for him to eat, he is so skinny now.

He had a bad night last night, and taking care of him is increasingly difficult.

Puppy-boy in happier, stronger days several years ago.

I have a million stories about Cherokee, but the most important is this, he saved my life. Not in the jump in a river when I am drowning kind of way, but in a slower, steadier way. When I was newly divorced, in the midst of recovery, and suicidally depressed ... he was there, a reason to have to get up, someone I couldn't leave behind. Thanks Cherokee. I will have more about the life and times of Cherokee on a later posting.

Anyone who wants to stop by on Thursday and say goodbye, for your own benefit, you may. You do NOT have to come, do not treat this as an obligation, but as an opportunity. I will need the support afterwards, not before. This is for people who need the closure, I will be there with him as he passes, then I will cry.

And the circle of life goes on, mom got a puppy yesterday.


Sarah said...

Ben and I might come Thursday evening, if that's alright. Do you want someone to go with during it, or has Merinda already volunteered?

Shera said...

Sorry to hear the news! My thoughts and prayers are with you. Cherokee, although I have never met you, you were well taken care of by a person that truly loved you.


Janna said...

Oh, no. How sad!
I had a golden retriever when I was a kid, and after about ten years we had to have him put down. His health kept seriously declining, and he had a large tumor in his stomach.
It was a wise decision to end his suffering, but it still made me sad.

I can only imagine what you must be feeling.
You're not alone.
Don't be afraid to cry.
I will be thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

You have my sympathies, my friend.