07 January 2008

First Zoo Trip of the New Year

For those of you who are readers of my blog who don't live in Omaha.
  1. No, I don't live at the zoo.
  2. Yes, Omaha has an amazing zoo.
  3. Yes, there is more to do in Omaha than just the zoo.
Last Thursday SmileChild and I took went to the zoo as an excuse to hang out and talk about life, liberty, and the pursuit of God.

This picture was taken to taunt, I mean put a smile on the face of ErinOneDay while she was at work.

Viv is still not friends with this guy.

Photo 47 of 51 / Christmas break - smilchild
SmileChild is friends with this guy.

Photo 43 of 51 / Christmas break - smilchild
Softshell Turtle? I'd hide too.

Photo 45 of 51 / Christmas break - smilchild
I like to feed the peafowl. I won't feed them by hand, cause I figure I'll get pecked, but I will put a piece of bread on my shoe watch them nervously come and get it. I put a piece of bread on SmileChilds shoe, and was so entertained by it that I made a bread crumb trail going between SmileChilds legs to see if I could get one of the peahens to follow it ... she did, much to our mirth. The peacock pictured was hanging out in front of the aquarium door trying to get into the building.

Photo 46 of 51 / Christmas break - smilchild
Sugar gliders are so cute, SmileChild actually said "aw" out loud, but then again, she also likes the naked mole rats.

If you look in the upper right hand corner of this picture, you will see a webcam that is controllable. Guaranteed to be about ten minutes of fun, until you get bored with it.

Photo 50 of 51 / Christmas break - smilchild
This picture is for YouGetALife, there are two sea turtles in the "shark tank". There was a funny moment when the two sea turtles were swimming in opposite directions and almost collided, one turned sharply into the underbelly of a shark. I guess they don't have good eyesight.

Photo 51 of 51 / Christmas break - smilchild
Time to say goodbye!

Thanks to SmileChild for some liberal lifting of copyrighted material.


Sarah said...

That peacock that sits in front of the aquarium is kind of an idiot. Really. And makes a mess outside of the gift shop door. I can't remember the name that the AQ staff gave him though.

Get A Life! said...

Thank you for the awesome sea turtle picture!!! I bet in the wild they wouldn't bump into a shark. Which may be why they hae to live in an aquarium. Kind of the short bus for sea life...

Tiger Sharks can crush their shells and I hear sea turtle is good eatin'. (I always have mixed feelings during that nature special.)