24 January 2008


For my Facebook friends, Odd-servations comes out several times a year when I have really nothing interesting to say, but feel like writing anyways.

It's Cold
Cherokee decided it is too cold to make it out to the yard to do his business, he only got to the bottom of the deck stairs. I guess this is better than in the house.

Who is Jeff Hagstrom?
So I received a notice on Facebook that Jeff Hagstrom wanted to be my friend. Between dancing and Bible study, I know several Jeffs that I am unaware of their last names. No picture, but he was showing as friends with Jessica, so I figured it must be dancing, right? So I hit the yes button.

A couple days later I looked back at his profile. Still no picture, but we had another mutual friend now, Jenny Jitterbug. Cool, definitely dancing ... I kind of let it go, but something was still gnawing at the back of my mind. So tonight I asked SmileChild who he was, she had no idea.

So I called Jenny Jitterbug tonight and asked her. She has no idea who he is either. She added him because she saw him on mine. She also added that she sent him a message asking him who he was and did he know her, he said "...I don't know you, but I'd like to get to know you..." This is perfectly understandable someone wants to get to know Jenny Jitterbug, I mean she is cute and bubbly, but me?

One thing Jenny and I agree on, we wouldn't normally add someone to our lists we don't personally know. So, who actually knows Jeff Hagstrom?

It's Cold
Did I mention it is cold? Global warming my butt.

Funny Question Leads To All Evening Discussion
I got a text from SingingMonkeyGirl last night asking where a Catholic priest goes for confession. Three hours later, I had no chores done, SmileChild didn't do any homework, Ivar was questioned, Cornstalker was probably feeling mostly ignored, and I'm sure SingingMonkeyGirl didn't accomplish much either.

The conclusion, I'm a lover not a fighter.

Please direct all further doctrine questions to (SmileChild's friend) Kevin.

It's Cold
Seriously, I would just move to Saskatoon if I wanted weather like this. Hey check it out, a polar bear just ambled by on that glacier over there.

The Car That Wouldn't Start?
Twice in the last three weeks my car has not started. Both times in bitter cold. Both times the battery was so dead the car had to sit for a couple minutes being jumped before it would turn over. Drive it home, it starts up fine the next day. Last night around 0200 there was an announcement over the intercom at work to go move our cars. I went out, and the engine would not budge. Crap!

I called security, and it turned out where I was parked was fine. So I just went back to work. At 0645 I went out to double check it just to be sure before I called for a ride or jump. It started right up.

Vivian said it might be trunk light stuck on, I think she might be correct. Much thanks to my coworker who doesn't even want his first name on the internet and to Jose for jump-starting me.

It's Cold
I've thrown my sleeping bag on my usual pile of blankets I sleep under.

For those of you who don't understand what a migraine is like, here is a question to answer: you have a migraine, you go to get your last migraine pill, but you drop it ... in the cat box. What do you do?

If you suffer from migraines, you know the answer. No, it hasn't happened to me, but if it did.

It's Cold
The last time it was above freezing here in Omaha was the evening of January 13, and it looks like we have at least two and a half more days of this. No, this is not "normal" weather for Omaha, the average high even at this time of year is 32F.


Sarah said...

Ah, but if the weathermen are correct (and they never are), we're supposed to get back to above 40°F Monday. So, suck it up and stop yer whining!


Janna said...

It's cold here too.
Monday it got up into the 40's, but then dipped right back down near zero.
Plus we're going to get a major winter storm tonight and tomorrow.

Get A Life! said...

Al had a migrane once and ended up in the emergency room, so I feel very bad for you. The weather certainly does suck - see my blog for a fourteen hundred word screed on that later. Can I recommend one of those little portable car-starters? One very cold night my new car did not start and I needed a friendly co-worker to lend a hand (and jumper cables - I didn't think I needed them in the new car!). My dad promptly bought me this little powerplant you plug in the wall and charge up. Then place it in your trunk and if need be you can give your own car a 'jump'. I've since helped out others at work with it and it certainly is worth the $40 investment. In fact, I should be a sales rep for the product, I'm sure I've sold a few just by telling everyone at work.