06 January 2008

Happy New Year (pt3)

Party Party Party. I'm going to party like it is New Years Eve, um, because that is what it was. The evening started off with a trip to the Great Adventures 80s in 08 party.
IM004129.jpg - me
I lived through the 80s, and remember it. There were some bright colors, but I don't remember my eyes hurting so much from it, fortunately there are three pretty faces to look at.

Jenny rocking out - Cornstalker
This is the true spirit of Jenny Jitterbug. Last seen dressed up as Madonna.

IM004131_1.JPG - me
Rock Band is the toy. Here I am giving a try at singing. Anyone want to guess why I don't have a voice right now?

Photo 10 of 34 / 80s in 08 - smilchild
Katie and SingingMonkeyGirl got the look right, which is odd because I don't know if either was alive during the 80s.

Photo 14 of 34 / 80s in 08 - smilchild
Azur & Bethany are doing something here, I think it's posing for a picture.

IMG_6460 - Cornstalker
Here is one of Viv's New Year traditions, caught on film last year too.

After a couple hours there, a quick change of clothing, and I headed over to the Jitterbugs ball.

IM004131_1.JPG - me
Viv was looking so nice.

100_6488 - cliff
Little Debbie tried to wear a long dress so no one could tell she had her dance sneakers on. Almost.

100_6454 - cliff
Of course Spanky doesn't care who sees what shoes he is wearing.

IM004131_1.JPG - me
Takashi sang, but it wasn't Mack the Knife, it was Splish Splash, and it was fantastic.

100_6523 - cliff
The balloons came down at midnight.

IM004152.JPG - me
Well most of them anyway.

100_6523 - cliff
Hey, it looks like this charming young lady is looking to plant a New Years smootch on some good looking older man ... um, like Dan or Cliffo.

After all of the balloons had been noisily popped, it was over to Spanky & Maes for some more...

IM004155.JPG - me
... um ...

IMG_6471.JPG - Cornstalker
Rock Band!!!

IMG_6482.JPG - Cornstalker
When our fingers started to hurt and we were hungry, we went upstairs and played a game called
Last Word. We let Little Debbie read the rules and then played how we wanted to.

IMG_6484.JPG - Cornstalker
The results were predictably hilarious.

2007 was not the best year I ever had, but I am just blessed beyond blessed with so many good and beautiful friends who were there with support and prayers ... you are the reason I love life.

Happy New Year

Much thanks to SmileChild, Cliffo, and Cornstalker who lent me pictures to tell this tale.

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