13 November 2012

First Week in October 2012

Whew, I need a vacation from my vacation. Monday Night Football provides the difference. After work we gathered in the usual spot, DJ's Dugout to watch the Bears beat the Cowboys. It was an entertaining game from the Bears perspective, with two defensive scores.

Tuesday right after work I running. This run had a specific goal, it was exactly a one mile run. I made it in 7:32, however, I was aiming for 7:30. I ran at the 200m work track, I had very good splits on the first four laps, but it was slower each lap on the last four. I recovered pretty quickly however. I hit the grocery store on the way home and did a bunch of cooking when I got home. The day finished out with picture processing.

Wednesday and Thursday were picture processing, quiet days.

Friday after work we had a work party at Shady Lane in Council Bluffs. I went with Jenny, in part because she already knows most of my coworkers. We got a cheap bottle of wine, enjoyed the hayrack ride, and roasted marshmallows and hotdogs. Can anyone explain hay (or straw)? We probably only had four or five handfuls of hay thrown at us, I had my coat zipped up, my hoodie over my head, and a scarf on ... and I still had hay in my shirt ... how? I don't get it at all.

Saturday was CJ's wedding shower combination party, featuring food and games. I didn't play a lot of games, but I did participate in a game of Telestrations, and a game of Cards Against Humanity. Since they are both on the social side of board games, and have been played almost to death, there were no big gaming revelations.

Sunday morning Teri, Frank, and I went to church at Saint Gerald's in 'Ralston'. After Mass the Boy Scouts there were having a pancake breakfast, so we had pancakes for breakfast. Later on we watched the Bears play and win convincingly again, this time over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Next Week: CJ's Wedding

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